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Shrink Wrapping Your Vehicles

You might already know that shrink wrap provides highly comprehensive coverage for items during transport. The polyethylene plastic will cover objects of any shape or size and then shrink when heated to create an airtight seal around the item. The durable material will shield the item from potential external threats while preserving its interior.

You may not realize that shrink wrap can cover the vehicles that can transport the items as well. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping has plenty of experience protecting many vehicles that require their own transportation or need to be stored. Check out three examples of types of vehicles that can benefit from shrink wrap coverage when you read on.

Shrink Wrapping Your Vehicles


Do you need to transport a car, golf cart, motorcycle, or other type of automobile? If you need to move these vehicles, no matter the distance, you should keep them protected during the trip.

Shrink wrap can be the best material to do this because the wrapping process will not damage the paint or finish of these items. Hiring a professional shrink-wrapping company for this task will further ensure the safety of these vehicles. Experts can thoroughly cover these items in an efficient manner and without issue.

This way, you can ensure these vehicles will still look beautiful on the other side of their journey. This can be especially useful for classic or historic cars. The airtight seal will stop dirt and dust from making the vehicles messy. And the strong plastic is hard to rip or tear, meaning it can be difficult for thieves to vandalize or steal the vehicles.

Shrink wrap will also suit automobiles that you intend to store. The material will withstand outdoor weather conditions to keep your vehicles safe from external elements. Shrink wrap will protect these vehicles indoors as well so that you can look forward to keeping them in pristine condition.


Trains allow for reliable, efficient transport of materials as well as passengers. But if you need to move a train car to a new location without railways, you want to keep the train in good shape during this trip. Shrink wrap will be an effective way to protect a train car in transit.

The large train car can see thorough coverage from shrink wrap so that you can maintain the vehicle’s appearance and structure during transportation. Contact a shrink-wrap professional to get an estimate for this task at no cost to you.


Air travel makes shipping across states and countries faster and simpler. But sometimes aircraft, like planes or helicopters, will require their own transport or storage. Shrink wrap can keep these aerospace vehicles safe during both of these instances.

Aircraft might feature delicate parts that require attention to detail when covering with shrink wrap. Not only can this durable material keep the large items shielded properly. But it can also do so without harming the objects. Talk to a shrink-wrap expert to learn more about the capabilities of this coverage option.