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Frequently Asked Questions About Shrink Wrap

Crating vs. Shrink Wrapping

ASI has saved numerous customers thousands of dollars by shrink wrapping items that might have been crated in the past. Crating has its place in the shipping world and that will never change, but shrink wrap is here to stay as well. Shrink wrap has some major advantages to traditional means of shipping. It adds only minimum weight so it saves on heavy lift charges and adds only minimum (if any) height, width and length to an item so it saves on total size charges. When an item can’t be lifted because it has a crate around it, shrink wrap saves the day again. Lifting and tie down point can be left exposed.

Shrink Wrap vs. Tarp

Shrink wrap is tougher, tighter and more secure than a tarp. Shrink wrap comes in many different sizes and thickness depending on the application. Shrink wrap will not scratch the product it is on. In addition, most shrink wrap materials have UV inhibitors made into them to fight the damage the sun causes to many kinds of tarps.

What can shrink wrap cover?

Anything! The list is virtually endless. Atlantic Shrink Wrap, Inc can cover bridges, buildings, airplanes, ships, houses, boats, bicycles and just about anything else. We routinely work on projects that challenge us to think outside the box. When necessary, shrink wrap can be heat welded together to make a single piece of plastic as big as may be necessary for the job.

Is shrink wrap material recyclable?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Many county and state facilities will recycle shrink wrap. There are also recycling programs through many manufacturers who will recycle shrink wrap.

Can shrink wrap damage a product?

When it isn’t properly, shrink wrap can damage the product it’s covering. A qualified installer must take extra precautions when prepping a product to ensure the level of heat required won’t cause damage to the product and that the shrink wrap is properly installed.

Are there things that shouldn’t be shrink-wrapped?

Yes. Different considerations have to be used on special products such as wooden or painted boats. Shrink wrap can hold certain amounts of moisture between it and the product (if not properly vented) and cause problems. If you have a product that you’re not sure about, contact a qualified shrink wrap company and ask more questions.

If you have more questions about shrink wrap and what we offer, please visit About Us.