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Shrink Wrap for Energy Sector

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. has had the pleasure of working for and with some of the nation’s top power-generating companies and their contractors. We have completed shrink-wrap projects for Energy Northwest, General Electric, Exelon Energy, SPX Heat Transfer, and more. Energy companies use shrink wrap to protect various components of their operations. Shrink wrap has proven an effective method for covering and protecting large, sensitive, and expensive items. We are an industry leader providing high-quality shrink-wrapping services to our clients in Maryland and the United States.

Commercial Industrial Shrink Wrap Project

Atlantic Shrink Wrap is a mobile shrink wrapping service. Often times, energy companies call on us to go across the country and around the globe. We are capable of traveling wherever is needed to complete the task.

Protect Assets With Shrink Wrap

For many energy related shrink projects, we use our Premium 12 mil thick flame retardant shrink wrap. This material is by far the strongest, most durable and safest shrink wrap on the market. This shrink wrap can be used for practically any purpose, most often to:

  • Cover items for transport or storage
  • To keep contaminates contained
  • Keep items clean and protected until installation

When Safety & Security Counts

Security at ASI is of the highest level and all of our employees are cleared for work and act as consummate professionals. We are sometimes asked to show additional identification such as TWIC Cards (Transportation Workers Identification Cards) which have been issued only after a strict federal government background check. We will also provide drug testing for our employees on request.

When working with energy companies we are expected to follow very strict and specific protocols. We have the experience to deal with, appreciate, and obey all FME (foreign material entry) requirements. These requirements are not just for the safety of the project in question but for the many people that could be affected by a failure to the unit caused by someone working carelessly along the line. When given these kinds of responsibilities, ASI meets the challenge.

Advanced Training

Power generation companies are often on the cutting edge of technology and push us to explore new materials and develop new techniques. If special training is required for a specific project, ASI will gladly take on the curriculum to expand our knowledge and available services.

Watch the video of Atlantic Shrink Wrap completing a project for SPX Heat Transfer in Tulsa, OK, preparing a nuclear power station condenser in 12 mil thick flame retardant shrink wrap for road transport to Washington state.

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