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Atlantic Shrink Wrap Videos

Shrink Wrap of Metro Train Cars

by Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Washington D.C.

Shrink Wrap M1-A1 Military Tank

by Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Ft. Riley, Kansas

Sea Tow Boat Shrink Wrap Training in Puerto Rico

Atlantic Shrink Wrap was contracted to travel to Puerto Rico to teach the owners of Sea Tow Puerto Rico how to properly shrink wrap boats. Javier and Miguel did a great job learning and should have a very successful and quality operation.

Shrink Wrapping Apex Inflatable Boats for Overseas Transport

Shrink Wrapping Apex Boats in Dulles, VA for transport to South Africa

Shrink Wrap First Energy Power Plant Rotor

This power plant rotor was wrapped to preserve it while it was being stored in the plant. Special attention was payed to keep all person safe in the work zone of possible flammable air in the plant. 12 mil thick flame retardant materials were used.

Shrink Wrapping Continental Automotive Robotic Machines

For transport from Culpepper, Virginia to Mexico

John Deere Combines Baltimore, MD

These are a few of over 120 John Deere combines that have been shrink wrapped by Atlantic Shrink Wrap. One single piece of plastic was used on the combines to achieve the results in this video.

Shrink Wrap of Hydrochloric Acid Plant

By Atlantic Shrink Wrap for transport to Argentina

Nuclear Power Station Condenser Shrink Wrap

For transport from Tulsa, OK to Washington State

Shrink Wrap Helicopter for Agusta Westland

The helicopter was wrapped using 12 mil thick Flame Retardant Shrink Film. Custom doors were installed for access to the aircraft.

Gamesa Wind P A 150 ft Moulds

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc completed a project for Gamesa Wind to shrink wrap 150ft long moulds for long term storage.

Industrial Skid for Transport from Maryland to California

Russian Gas Turbine Engines Hampton, VA

This Gas Turbine Motor was wrapped using 12 mil thick flame retardant material for the purpose of storing the engine inside a warehouse for several years. Moisture control efforts were placed inside the shrink wrap and monitoring systems.

Shrink Wrap Industrial Trane Boiler in Virginia

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping was hired to travel to VA to shrink wrap this new Trane Boiler to protect it against Mother Nature while it sat waiting to be installed.

Wind Turbine Blade Moulds

130ft long wind turbine blade moulds were wrapped for outside storage in PA. The moulds were wrapped using 12 mil thick materials.

People Movers Pittsburgh, PA

These people mover trains were shrink wrapped to be transported across the country and around the world.

Shrink Wrap for NASA Spacecraft

This crate was intended to carry a very important spacecraft part from San Antonio, Texas to Maryland in a perfect clean condition. ASI wrapped it first in Maryland to go to Texas, and then again in Texas to return home to Maryland. Through thunderstorms and downpours the crate made both legs of the trip in perfect , dry , clean condition.

Case New Holland Tractors in Racine, WI

Atlantic Shrink Wrap was hired to shrink wrap 24 tractors for over the road transport over a 2,200 mile winter journey from Wisconsin to Washington.