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Aerospace and Aviation Shrink Wrapping

Aviation Shrink Wrapping

Agusta Westland Mark 2 Commando Helicopter Shrink Wrapped in Fredrick, Maryland for overseas shipping

Atlantic Shrink Wrap has built a reputation of being the nation’s premier aviation and aircraft shrink-wrapping company. No, we are not the only company wrapping aviation components and aircraft, but we have proven ourselves to be above and beyond the competition. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality shrink-wrapping services to our clients.

Various government military agencies and DOD Contractors, such as the US Navy, US Air Force, NASA, Orbital Sciences, Northrop Grumman, Augusta Westland, J.F. Taylor Inc., MAV 6, Air Methods Corp, and many others, have enlisted our services. Just read the testimonial below.

“Atlantic Shrink Wrap is in a Superior Class By Itself”

In 2011, Canada entered into an agreement with the United States to acquire a number of helicopters and related parts for use in Canada. In turn, IMP Aerospace was directed to proceed with the acquisition on behalf of Canada. The decision was made to transport the helicopters by surface means, which necessitated that the aircraft be protected from the elements as they made their move north. Atlantic Shrink Wrap was selected to provide this support.

Each of the helicopters was carefully shrink-wrapped and included the incorporation of special waterproof access openings to allow other maintenance activity to occur on the aircraft as it proceeded through the move by barge, roll-on/roll-off ship, and transport trailers. IMP Aerospace has previous experience in dealing with companies for the provision of shrink wrap for various components and airframes.

In comparison to these other jobs, the wrap provided by Atlantic Shrink Wrap is in a superior class by itself. Several personnel within IMP have observed the shrink wrap job on these helicopters and have come away with a great appreciation of Atlantic Shrink Wrap’s capability. I would strongly recommend Atlantic Shrink Wrap to any future customer. Director, Special Projects – IMP AEROSPACE, Canada

Aviation Shrink Wrapping in the United States

Eurocopter 135 Medical Helicopter Shrink Wrapped in Atlantic City, NJ for transport to Texas

Benefits of Shrink Wrap for Aviation Industry

ASI has wrapped aviation components and aircraft for many different reasons, such as being transported by truck across the country. This is when the items are susceptible to various weather conditions that they would not normally be subjected to during flight. Not to mention that they most likely have had parts removed to prepare them for transport. If they are going overseas, they are in a completely foreign environment and even more susceptible to damage caused by salt water and air.

High Quality Products & Service

ASI understands what damage the elements can do to aviation components and aircraft; therefore combating the problem from the very beginning. All aviation components and aircraft are wrapped using our 12 Mil Thick White Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap Material.

The strongest, safest and most reliable material available.

  • 12 Mil Thick Flame Retardant Materials take years to know how to use, and take special care to work with
  • 12 Mil materials are almost twice as thick as what most companies use for shrink wrapping

ASI has been using 12 Mil plastic for over 10 years and has the experience needed to work professionally with this material. ASI has exclusive relationships with our supplier that allows us access to certain materials that many of our competitors do not; such as 12 Mil Flame Retardant Plastic.

Aviation Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap of Boeing 737Jet Engine, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland for shipping to Illinois

Internal Aircraft Protection

When ASI approaches an aviation or aircraft project, we first look at what needs to be protected internally, (i.e. computer components, electronics, or ferrous metals). ASI will work with the customer to decide what kind of internal airborne protection is needed before the item is sealed up. In many cases, this consists of desiccant bags to combat moisture and or (VCI) Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor products to protect exposed metals. Whatever is needed, ASI can provide the right protection.

Aviation Shrink Wrap

US Air Force, Air Ship Components and Propellers, Shrink wrapped in Elizabeth City, NC for transport to Texas

External Aircraft Protection

Next, we look at what is needed to protect the outside of the aviation components or aircraft. Many projects can have the shrink wrap put directly against the outside of the project, but not aviation components or aircraft. ASI installs padding over all surfaces that will come in contact with our plastic.

We accomplish two things by installing the padding this way; first it pads the object from the plastic chaffing any painted surfaces and protects the plastic from being punctured by any sharp edges. The padding also creates a heat barrier against the temperatures of our installation tools. Most aviation components and aircraft will be padded using industrial types of padding.

Aviation Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap of 5EH- 101 Helicopters in transport to Canada

Strict Installation Technique

When it comes to aviation and aircraft shrink wrapping you must often times use multiple pieces of plastic to properly mold the plastic tight to the object. This is not a problem for ASI; we are proficient in connecting and shaping our shrink wrap. We follow strict installation techniques to be positive it fits right the first time.

Aviation Shrink Wrap

Blackhawk Helicopter Shrink Wrapped For Overseas Shipping, Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland

Benefits of Shrink Wrap for Aviation & Aircraft Components

Our shrink wrapping serves many other purposes when it comes to aviation and aircraft components. Flight simulators are basically very expensive computers and don’t fare well to dust, dirt or water.

ASI has been shrink wrapping helicopter flight simulators for one of the country’s leading manufactures, J.F Taylor Inc. These odd shaped simulators must be put on the back of an open trailer to get to their destination. ASI is called to make sure they get there clean and dry.

​​Over the last 7 years, ASI has wrapped every simulator built at J.F. Taylor’s Maryland location and has shipped them all over the country, achieving a 100% satisfaction rate.

Aviation Shrink Wrap

Aviation Shrink Wrap Services for TransportAviation Shrink Wrap Services for Transport Shrink Wrapping of Military Flight Simulators, Hollywood, MD for transport to FL, AL, and MS

ASI has not only wrapped items for some of the most prestigious DOD Contractors in the world, but also some of the most well know names in the world. Names like the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Langley Research Center, and Orbital Sciences. When complete concealment and total protection are needed, ASI has been contracted to make sure the job is done right.

Aviation Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap of NASA Composite Space Capsule, Langley Air Force Base Langley, VA for transport to Alabama

NASA even went as far as to contract ASI to wrap an item in Maryland for its trip to Texas where it was unwrapped, and then sent ASI’s team to Texas to wrap the same item a second time for its trip back to Maryland!

Aerospace Shrink Wrap Project

Shrink Wrapping of NASA Shipping Crate, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland for shipping to San Antonio, TX

The thought came up that they could probably save money by trying to hire a different local company in Texas to do the job, rather than paying the travel fees for ASI: however, that idea was quickly put away when ASI’s expertise was investigated. The fact is, had another company been hired in Texas and the quality was not equal to ASI’s work, then the total job would have been a complete failure. NASA doesn’t like failures and neither does ASI.

Aerospace Shrink Wrap Project

Shrink Wrapping of Satellite Transport Container for Orbital Sciences, Dulles, Virginia

Orbital Sciences has used ASI to protect their shipping container that houses space craft pieces on their way across the country.

Thinking Outside the Box

The possibilities are endless when you contract a team that see’s things outside the box. We love to be challenged and exceed the expectations of our customers.

We do things right the first time, every time. Please contact us today with any questions or comments.