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Shrink Wrap vs Stretch Film

Looking for reliable methods of covering and protecting your merchandise? Polyethylene plastics offer high-quality protection when used to wrap items of any shape and size. But you might not realize that they can come in multiple forms, including shrink wrap and stretch film.

Shrink Wrap vs Stretch Film

What Are Shrink and Stretch Wraps?

Shrink wrap refers to a type of plastic that will cover an item and then shrink when heated to create an airtight seal around the unique shape of the object. Stretch film is an elastic plastic that has the capability to stretch when wrapped around an item and can also stick to itself for improved application.

Though they come from similar foundations, these plastic wraps have varying benefits. Learn more about when to use each of these products when you read on.

Compare and Contrast Shrink Wrap and Stretch Film

Stretch film is also referred to as cling film, and its elasticity allows for versatility in its usage. It can be wrapped by hand or with a machine around items of varying sizes and shapes.

It stays in place thanks to the tightness of the application as well as its ability to stick to its layers. This makes it a useful and affordable option for clients who want to cover pallets that contain other smaller products.

Shrink wrap also proves to be versatile in its installation. A shrink-wrapping expert can cover the desired item with plastic and then apply heat so that it fits the item perfectly, keeping it preserved and safe from harm while the item is in storage or transport.

With help from a professional, shrink wrap will not pose a threat of damaging the covered item during the application process. Plus, it offers additional protection from moisture and other external elements in comparison to stretch film.

Consider Shrink Wrap for Your Next Project

Stretch film can offer some protection to items intended to be stored or moved. But you can see greater advantages when you choose to cover your equipment or other items with shrink wrap.

Both shrink wrap and stretch film can shield harsh UV rays and keep out dust and debris. Shrink wrap can have ventilation capabilities which can better protect from condensation or other types of moisture damage.

Stretch film and shrink wrap are both durable enough to resist tearing. But strong shrink wrap is tougher and can therefore better deter potential thieves as well as pests.

Companies may want to use stretch film in warehouses or transport centers that deal with products on pallets. But shrink wrap can suit these needs as well. Shrink wrap is an ideal option for protection and coverage over stretch film when it comes to storing or transporting single items, such as vehicles or large pieces of equipment.

If you have questions about the best way to shield your materials, give an expert shrink-wrapping company a call. They can give you an estimate for your shrink-wrapping needs.