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Comparing Shrink Wrap and Tarp Coverage

Whether you need to store items or transport them, you will want to cover them with material that you can trust. A tarp strapped over equipment or merchandise will provide some shielding from external elements. But if you want the best protection possible, you should seek professional shrink-wrapping services.

A tarp cannot keep your items safe while in transit or in storage in the way that shrink wrap can. Hire an expert to ensure optimal installation and therefore protective benefits. The process is faster and more affordable than you might imagine.

Call expert shrink-wrapping professionals today to get an estimate on your project. And discover three reasons why customers prefer shrink wrap coverage over tarps when you read on.

Comparing Shrink Wrap and Tarp Coverage

Durable and Long-Lasting Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is made from polyethylene plastic, a highly durable material that resists tearing, thinning, and other types of damage. You will not need to worry about the covering deteriorating and therefore putting your items at risk over time. Shrink wrap can last for years when installed indoors, outdoors, for storage purposes, or for transportation.

The strong material can offer high-quality protection for the items you wish to cover. Because shrink wrap is difficult to break, it will deter theft from potential criminals. And bugs or other pests cannot reach the items through the shrink wrap’s barrier either. Look forward to trustworthy and long-lasting protection for your products with expert shrink-wrap installation.

Shrink Wrap Creates an Airtight Seal

The shrink-wrap professional applies the plastic to your desired object and uses heat to shrink the material to fit the shape of the item. This creates an airtight seal that keeps external threats away from your item while keeping the interior preserved.

Tarp cannot offer this same level of protection. Even when tied down securely, it can become loose easily and not fit exactly to the shape of your object. This can allow contaminants to impact the quality of your product, merchandise, or other items.

An airtight seal ensures your items stay safe from dirt, dust, and other minute messes which will mean you need to clean the items after storing them. Plus, you can look forward to waterproof benefits with shrink wrap, meaning you do not have to worry about moisture damage. Expert placement of shrink wrap will not scratch or damage the items in question while they provide this level of protection.

Shrink Wrap Works for Your Budget

Though throwing a tarp over your items may seem cheaper, the damages that can accrue to your products due to inadequate protection will prove more expensive in the end. Avoid costly losses by prioritizing damage prevention with shrink-wrap coverage.

You will also look forward to one installation of shrink wrap that can remain in place until you no longer need it. Shrink wrap will not wear down or require replacement in the way that a tarp might. So give your shrink-wrap expert a call to learn more about how shrink wrap can help your unique project.