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How to Shrink Wrap Your Job Site

Whether building a new facility or renovating an existing one, you put a great deal of planning into your construction project. You focus on the design of the finished property, but also consider potential risks to the job, area, and workers.

Effective containment of the job site is crucial to the success of a project. When choosing a material to cover the construction area, shrink wrap can offer multi-faceted protection that you can trust. Read on to learn how shrink wrap can benefit your construction site and how professionals will install this covering.

construction shrink wrap

Planning Shrink Wrap Coverage for Your Construction Project

Inspection of the Project Site

As contractors do before breaking ground on a construction project, a team of shrink wrap professionals will first meet with you and examine the job site. They will see the volume and parameters of the space and develop a plan.

The shrink wrap experts will come to you to get a feel for the area. They will maintain open communication with you to understand the timeline of the project, the anticipated threats to the containment, and the people who will be entering and leaving the site.

These factors will influence the shrink-wrapping process, and the experts will strategize their wrapping procedure accordingly. This individualized approach ensures that your unique job site will be perfectly sealed and protected for the duration of your project.

Shrink wrap can serve as a more effective and durable covering than a traditional tarp. It provides extra protection against UV light and creates a tighter seal. It is also more versatile, offering more flexibility than a tarp.

Application of the Shrink Wrap Around the Area

With a plan agreed upon and set in stone, the shrink wrap professionals can apply the shrink wrap around your construction job site. If your site uses scaffolding, they will loop it over the top support cable. Then they apply heat to the plastic material while unfolding it so that it welds into place.

They do the same on all sides of the project site. Once the material is secure, they perform the shrinking process. This involves heating the plastic so it creates an airtight seal. Hiring experts for this job ensures that the process is done thoroughly and without error.

When the shrink wrap is in place, they check for holes or tears that could impact the site. For construction areas without scaffolding, the process is similar. The shrink wrap professionals drape the plastic, ensure its firm placement around the site, and heat and shrink the material to create the seal.

With shrink wrap protection, you can shield your project site from weather interference as well as the infiltration of debris that could hinder the job. This will also ensure the safety of the workers on the project. Ultimately, this will prove more cost-effective for you. You can lower the risk of delays on your project with this type of coverage. To learn how shrink wrap can help your specific construction project, call a professional today.