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Consider Shrink Wrap When Renovating

Whether they are planning a renovation to one room or restructuring an entire building, a contractor will be balancing many tasks to complete the construction job effectively and efficiently. Poor work conditions can disrupt a project and put laborers in danger on the job.

To keep your project on track, you should utilize shrink wrap to shield and preserve your worksite. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc., a shrink wrap services company serving clients throughout the United States, describes the benefits of using shrink wrap during your renovation project.

shrink wrap protection

Shield Your Work Site from Weather Damage

If your renovation project involves work on the exterior of a building, the property and worksite could be at risk of exposure to the outdoors. This could threaten to damage the interior of the facilities as well as halt the project’s progress if weather conditions sour.

When you cover your worksite with shrink wrap, you create an airtight seal around the specified area. This will preserve the site and prevent harsh weather, including rain, snow, ice, wind, and UV rays from entering or affecting the project.

Shrink wrap is made from polyethylene plastic, an extremely durable material that strengthens as it shrinks. You can be sure even major weather will not disrupt your project or damage the designated work area.

Boost Worker Productivity

Preserving a construction site with shrink wrap creates ideal working conditions for contractors completing a renovation project. Without inclement weather interrupting them, workers can remodel a building according to the established schedule. Preventing project delays will save property owners and contractors both time and money.

Shrink wrap can also block harsh UV rays and sunlight, instead allowing natural light to filter through the material and illuminate the worksite with ideal visibility conditions. The sealed area can also be temperature controlled so that laborers may work comfortably and be able to stay focused on their tasks.

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Safety is key when endeavoring to renovate a building. Reputable construction workers have insurance for protection in the event of an accident occurring on a worksite. But shrink-wrapped sites can keep everyone in the work area, as well as the property itself, protected.

Shielding a construction site from freezing temperatures will keep ice from forming on equipment. Sealing the area will also stop moisture accumulation, so workers can worry less about slipping or falling while on the job. Prioritizing safety will keep workers dedicated to the job and boost your company’s reputation.

Choose Shrink Wrap for Your Construction Project

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. provides high-quality shrink wrap services for clients across multiple fields, including construction, marine, aerospace, and commercial industries. Whether you hope to preserve an item in storage or protect a product during transport, you can trust our team of professionals to complete our job properly. For details about how our experts can assist with your specific project, contact our office by phone at 410.376.7052 or reach our staff online.