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Hit the Road with Shrink Wrap

With snow and ice thawing in the wake of spring’s arrival, highways are easier to navigate. This means you can look forward to transporting your goods and products with confidence. When choosing a way to wrap and cover your items, you want to select a product that meets this same high standard of safety and protection.

Shrink wrap allows you to preserve your items during road transport with maximum protection. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc., a company providing expert shrink wrapping services across the country, describes three ways that shrink wrap provides optimal support for your transportation needs in the springtime.

transportation shrink wrapping

Protect from All Weather Scenarios

Though harsh winter freezes, snow, and hail will lessen as warmer weather arrives, springtime can bring its own unique weather challenges. Heavy rains can impact your transportation plans, whether the conditions are predicted or arise out of nowhere.

Shrink wrap covers the desired object thoroughly and with an airtight seal. This will protect the item from moisture damage if exposed to rainwater.

Similarly, bright and sunny skies may put your products at risk. Shrink wrap can block harsh UV rays from affecting your items. Even if the weather switches on a dime, your items can remain preserved and in peak condition when shielded by shrink wrap on the road.

Endure Road Exposure Conditions

Transportation does not always happen smoothly. Even when items are tied down securely in transit in trucks, accidents may occur that cause them to shift out of place.

In some situations, items are exposed to passing debris as they travel down highways to their final destinations. High speeds may mean even minute amounts of debris could create massive damage to an item without proper protection.

Shrink wrap can effectively stop debris, dirt, and minor levels of impact from affecting your goods while in transit. Your items can also remain in their pristine condition as they will not collect pollutants during this trip.

Deter Theft

During long voyages, a driver cannot always keep their eyes on the merchandise that they are transporting. The tight seal of shrink wrap is durable and not easy to break, meaning that if a thief should find your item, it will be difficult for them to access it through the thick covering.

This effort will deter the thief from taking any of your items. The extra layer of protection can save you a great deal of money and ensure your reliability to your business partners as your products arrive where they are needed, all present and accounted for.

Choose Shrink Wrap for Your Mobile Needs

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. provides shrink wrap services to clients across the entire United States, for mobile and transport products as well as storage facilities. We can assist customers in various industries, including the military, commercial, energy, and aerospace sectors. To get a quote for your shrink wrap project, contact our staff by phone at 410.376.7052 or reach our office online.