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Shrink Wrap Blocks Sun Damage

Many people look forward to sunny and warm summers and the pleasant outdoor activities they can plan. But those who conduct business outside in the summer months know the threats that can come from harsh sunlight during this popular season.

These commercial leaders know shielding their merchandise and project sites is key to succeeding in their endeavors. Shrink wrap offers major advantages over tarps and other alternative coverage products. Read on to learn about three unique benefits that choosing protection with shrink wrap can enhance your commercial projects.

shrink wrap protection services

Protect Items from Harsh Summer Sun with Shrink Wrap

Prevent UV Damage

You likely know that the sun shines harmful UV rays on a regular basis. UV absorbs into human skin and can cause cancer and other significant damage. Just as you wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, you should shield your merchandise and project sites from the sun’s rays too.

Whether you want to preserve specific items or protect an exposed project site, shrink wrap coverage will stop UV rays from harm. The polyethylene plastic material specifically blocks UV rays from filtering through the cover.

This way they cannot harm workers within a designated outdoor area or affect the color or texture of your wares. A certified expert will ensure the shrink wrap is properly installed as well. This way, the coverage is complete and there are no weak spots where sunlight can penetrate.

Maintain Visibility Without Compromising Protection

Another benefit of choosing shrink wrap to cover your space or item is that it can allow for two-way visibility if needed. Depending on the type of shrink wrap you use for your project, you can completely cover an item with the material and still see through it to behold its condition.

This also provides an advantage to those who want to use shrink wrap to designate a project site. It blocks UV rays and other external threats. But it can still allow for light to filter through the material. This way, laborers can see what they are doing in this area using natural light. Ask your expert which types of shrink wrap can offer this feature.

Avoid Overheating

Shrink wrap uses heat to perform the shrinking process that allows the material to fit the unique shape of your project. However, the required heat to alter the material will not occur in the natural weather of summer. So you will not have to worry about high outdoor temperatures disrupting the coverage of the shrink wrap.

Shrink wrap’s thorough seal will allow you to control the temperature of a specific area covered by shrink wrap. For instance, you can use fans or air conditioning to make a shrink-wrapped construction or project site cooler and comfortable to work in for your laborers.

You can trust that this cool air will not escape through the plastic material. And you will not have to worry about uncomfortable weather conditions impacting the schedule of your project.