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Overseas Shipping with Shrink Wrap

Are you looking for a way to preserve your merchandise during a long shipping voyage overseas? Shrink wrap offers customized, reliable, and complete coverage of your items that can last for lengthy transportation journeys as well as long-term storage.

Shrink wrap provides many advantages compared to tarps or other alternative protection materials. Therefore, you should choose the safest option to shield your investments. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc., a shrink wrap services company providing transportation and storage assistance across the United States, describes why shrink wrap can provide optimal protection for your items if you are shipping overseas.

long term transportation with shrink wrap

Protection from Harsh Marine Conditions

International or long-journey shipping may include transportation on a ship. This environment on the open sea can create harsh conditions for any materials on board. Shrink wrap can protect your items, whether they are carried on the deck of a boat or in the hull.

Your items could be exposed to salty air or sea spray if traveling by boat on the ocean. So you should choose a protective covering that ensures your products will not sustain damage from these elements. Shrink wrap also offers protection from sunlight, dirt, debris, rain, wind, and other weather-related conditions.

Long-Term Preservation Capabilities

When transporting your items to a faraway destination, you want to choose a material to cover them that you can trust will last the whole journey. Shrink wrap uses tough plastic that can cover an entire item without tearing or breaking, enduring as long as you need it to.

You can begin the shrink wrap process on your own starting site before it leaves the premises if you prefer. This way it can be guarded from the very beginning of its shipping journey. Talk to our shrink wrap experts to determine the best circumstances to shrink wrap your items.

Customized Shrink Wrap Process for Your Items

Our team of professionals handles shrink wrapping for each case separately, evaluating the size, shape, and requirements needed for each item before beginning the wrapping process. This customized approach ensures high-quality coverage and protection for your objects, whether you intend to transport or store them.

Larger or irregularly shaped items often require more than one piece of plastic to provide effective covering. Our experts know the appropriate amount of material and technique to use to best protect your merchandise and complete the wrapping process correctly without error. This will ultimately save you time and money. If your objects require padding or other additions for safe covering, our company can provide this as well.

International Transport with Shrink Wrap Services

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. offers commercial and industrial shrink wrap services to customers in multiple industries. Whether you intend to ship or store your items, shrink wrap can preserve your merchandise effectively for as long as you need. To get started on a project with our shrink wrap experts, contact our staff online or reach us by phone at 410.376.7052.