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Work Site Safety with Shrink Wrap

When planning a construction, preservation, or other project involving a work site, you spend a great deal of time preparing for maximum safety precautions within this space. The status of your project and the well-being of the workers involved can be affected by many factors. Some issues may arise that are outside of your control.

To ensure the area remains safe no matter what happens, you should consider covering the space with shrink wrap. This durable plastic has many safety advantages that will prevent injuries in a way that will not ruin your budget. Read on to learn about three ways that covering your work site with shrink wrap can make the area safer for your workers.

safe construction project site

Contain Environmental Risks

When a professional heats the polyethylene plastic of shrink wrap, it will constrict to create a tight seal around the designated object or area. This will preserve the space inside, which will mean that the interior will not affect the outside space.

Sometimes, the construction site has a risk of asbestos or other harmful pollutants. Covering a site with shrink wrap will mean that people passing near the work site will not have their health at risk. This will also keep people outside of the area safe from loose or dropped objects. You can work with shrink wrap experts to ensure your workers will have a method of entering and exiting this area that is both accessible and secure.

Reduce Fire Hazards

Renovations and other projects might deal with electricity, combustible items, and other fire hazards. Though you may take every precaution, accidents can occur that might result in a fire. This emergency can escalate quickly. But choosing to cover the project site with shrink wrap can minimize the extent of the damage.

You can choose shrink wrap built with flame retardant capabilities. This thicker type of shrink wrap is designed to extinguish flames itself when removed from a heat source. It meets NFPA 701 specifications, making it a great option if you want to cover scaffolding, windows, or larger buildings and spaces. You can reduce property as well as personal damages with a built-in safety feature like this.

Minimize Damage from Weather

As mentioned, shrink wrap can keep internal risks contained within a project site. But the tough material and airtight seal will also keep external threats out of this designated area.

Many projects will see delays thanks to poor weather or moisture damage. Shrink wrap will keep rain, snow, UV rays, debris, and other potential contaminants away from your job site.

You can stick to your schedule, avoiding the financial strains that come with delays and repairs this way. Laborers will not need to worry about slippery conditions in the area due to precipitation.

You can even control the temperature in this space to ensure it remains comfortable and safe for these workers. Learn more about how you can use shrink wrap for your unique project by calling an expert today.