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Protect Your Investment With Shrink Wrap

When people think about shrink wrap, they probably think about plastic wrap most often used in the kitchen. But industrial shrink wrap is much different. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc., a provider of shrink wrap services, utilizes specific kinds of shrink wrap that are designed to protect your investment.shrink wrapping services

Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap

Flame retardant shrink wrap is ideal for wrapping things that are going to be in hazardous areas. In an industrial setting, it’s not unusual that your product will be in proximity to fire. Industries like welding or steam fitting are both using open flame when they’re working. It’s important to ensure that your investment — as well as your staff — are protected as much as possible.

We offer flame retardant shrink wrap that meets NFPA 701 specifications for extinguishing itself after the heat source is removed. If you accidentally set a corner on fire while welding and jump back to remove it immediately, it’s more likely to extinguish the flame on its own. This also allows your investment to stay safe during transportation.

In addition to being flame retardant, this specific shrink wrap is also the thickest currently on the market. It can hold up super well, making it ideal for the most intense jobs. Between these two features, it can be an ideal choice for shrink wrapping scaffolding or entire buildings.

Enhanced Shrink Wrap With VCI

VCI stands for volatile corrosion inhibitors. When you wrap your project with standard shrink wrap, you get protection from typical weather conditions. But extra protection may be needed for certain projects. With these enhanced shrink wraps, the equipment can be protected from the damaging impacts of corroded parts.

Corrosion-resistant shrink wrap helps to make sure that your products arrive at where there going while being completely rust-free. VCI film releases an odorless, invisible, and non-toxic vapor. This vapor is released inside the shrink wrap, covering any metal surfaces that the shrink wrap is exposed to. This additive can eliminate other, messier corrosion protectants.

Quality Shrink Wrapping Services

At Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, we want to make sure you have the ideal protection for any job you have to take on. We’ll ensure to help you pick the right type of shrink wrap for you. Call us or start a job with us online today.