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Transporting With Atlantic Shrink Wrapping

One of the common ways shrink wrap services are used is to transport various items safely. When things are being transported, they often come across harsh weather conditions. Atlantic Shrinkwrapping, Inc. discusses our expertise with shrink wrapping for transport and how you can make sure your investment is protected.shrink wrap services

The Struggles of Transporting Safely

Particularly in the industries we serve, such as aviation, it can be hard to transport equipment and products in something like a shipping container. Standard container and trailer sizes may not work for what you want to transport. Usually, this means that it has to be transported on something like a specialized trailer for a truck. With these trailers, your product is exposed to the open air.

If an open-air trailer has to be used, it means exposing whatever you’re transporting to the whims of Mother Nature. There’s no way to predict the types of weather that the truck will experience along the way. During the winter, salt from the roads and snow can be corrosive to many materials. Mud and road grime during other seasons are damaging as well. Lastly, if you’re shipping by sea, the salt air can be extremely harmful to your product.

Why Choose Shrink Wrap for Protection?

You may think that a tarp will be suitable for protection. Why should you spend extra money on shrink wrapping for transport? Tarps are incapable of completely sealing off cargo from the elements. It’s not waterproof or windproof. Tarps can actually make corrosion worse. When any rain or salt from the elements gets trapped under the tarp, it traps it against the product. This makes any corrosion happen at a faster pace.

Shrink wrap eliminates the need for a tarp. It seals completely, protecting every inch of the product being transported. It can cover any size or item, as it’s flexible and can conform to whatever it’s being used on. Using a tarp can actually harm an item that’s shrink wrapped. The friction of the tarp may cause holes or tears in the wrap.

For shrink wrapping to be done right, it has to be done by experts. It takes knowledge to know the right techniques and know what works best for a particular job. We’ve been providing shrink wrap services for years and pride ourselves in being able to wrap anything, no matter the size and shape. We pledge to have your product 99.9% sealed. The only exception is the chains that tie the product to the trailer.

Shrink Wrap Services for Transportation

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. is ready to take on whatever you need to be protected for transport. Call us or contact us online to start a project!