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Shrink Wrap FAQs

When people think of shrink wrap, industrial purposes usually aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But shrink wrap can come in many different forms and is used for many different things. Atlantic Shrinkwrapping, Inc., a shrink wrap services provider, explains what you need to know about shrink wrap.shrink wrap services

Shrink Wrap FAQS

Q: What exactly is shrink wrap?

A: Shrink wrap is made from polyethylene plastic. This form of plastic is specially designed so that it shrinks when heat is applied directly to it. You probably know it best for sealing bags and products, as well as the food industry. When it shrinks, it forms a tight, protective seal around the item it’s wrapped around. When it’s done properly, the shrinking process makes the plastic stronger so that it can weather things like outside elements and storage travel.

Q: What is industrial shrink wrap used for?

A: Shrink wrap can be used for a number of industrial purposes. It protects things for both short and long-term storage, as well as provides protection when items are being transported. Shrink wrap can cover or conceal items that need to be covered. It also protects items from all sorts of weather, including both the rain and the sun’s rays, and any dirt and debris it might come across.

Q: What can I cover with shrink wrap?

A: Virtually anything! Shrink wrap is commonly used to cover things like boats and classic cars for storage. It can be used to cover planes and preserve historical artifacts. It can cover entire buildings or military machinery if need be! Shrink wrap can be heat welded together to make a piece as big as you need.

Q: Why should I choose shrink wrap?

A: There’s a big difference between covering something with a tarp and covering it with shrink wrap. Tarps may not be tight enough and can be made of materials that’ll scratch what you’re covering. Shrink wrap, when done correctly, seals the product in tightly and is tougher than a tarp as well. The wrap comes in different thicknesses that are appropriate for the item you’re covering, and most shrink wrap contains UV inhibitors as well.

If a tarp is torn or falls into disrepair after a year or two, it becomes waste. You throw it out completely and buy a new one that you’ll end up doing the same thing with. With shrink wrap, most state and county recycling facilities will accept it to recycle when you’re done with it. You can also ship your used shrink wrap to specific recycling facilities as well.

Shrink Wrapping Services for All Your Needs

Atlantic Shrinkwrapping, Inc. has been in the business for almost 20 years. If you need something protected by shrink wrap, we’ll do a precise job every time. Call us or start a project with us online!