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Protecting the Energy Sector

Shrink wrap services aren’t just for protecting things like your classic car or boat for the winter. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. has worked closely with the energy sector on many different projects. We’ve worked with some of the nation’s top energy companies, as well as their contractors.shrink wrap services

What’s Shrink Wrap’s Use in the Energy Sector?

Shrink wrap is a proven material for protecting large and expensive items. There are many of these in the energy sector and shrink wrap can be used to cover them. It helps to cover any items for transport or storage so that they stay clean. Things can be protected until they’re ready to be installed. Shrink wrap can also keep any contaminates contained that arise.

For the bulk of our energy sector shrink wrap projects, we use one form of shrink wrap. Premium 12 mil thick flame retardant shrink wrap is definitely the strongest and most durable shrink wrap on the market. This is what makes it the safest for projects such as this.

Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap

Our flame retardant shrink wrap meets NFPA 701 specifications for extinguishing itself after the heat sources are removed. It’s also utilized to help reduce any risk of fire damage when equipment is being transported or stored. If anything needs to be stored in a hazardous area that can be exposed to flames, this is the shrink wrap you need.

Sometimes, even if your energy equipment doesn’t need flame retardant storage, we use this shrink wrap just for the protection it provides. It’s the thickest shrink wrap offered, at 12 mil thick. As with our normal shrink wrap, it also contains all of the benefits, such as UV inhibitors.

Keep it Safe and Keep it Secure

Our employees are always the most professional. We want to reassure the energy industry that their equipment is safe in our hands. Our employees have all been cleared for work. We’ll drug test our employees upon request. We’ll also show Transportation Workers Identification Cards (TWIC) upon request, which are given only after a strict federal background check.

We know that following strict protocols are required to work for the energy industry. We’re experienced with all foreign material entry requirements and are equipped to handle them. This way, the safety of your project is secure and no one is impacted by the careless actions of one person down the line. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping takes on these responsibilities without question.

Shrink Wrap Services for the Energy Sector

Does your power generating business require a safe, reliable way to store its equipment? Call us today or request a quote online!