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I Need To Ship A Car, Can I Shrink Wrap It?

I Need To Ship A Car, Can I Shrink Wrap It?We are in 2019, and car buying has taken mammoth leaps forward via the internet. You can take a virtual tour of a vehicle, have an inspection company verify that the car is in working order and more over the internet.

Whether you have found a price that you can not pass up or a one of a kind car that is located on the other side of the country or the other side of the world, how can you get it to your location in its exact condition when you purchase it?

This can be a logistical nightmare, whether it travels by sea in a sea container or by road on an open car hauler. Your new vehicle is sure to get some bumps and dings along the way, right?

Think again!

At Atlantic Shrink Wrap, we can shrink wrap your vehicle before shipping with a thick shrink wrap that will protect your new vehicle from just about anything on its journey to your driveway.

Can I Just Wrap The Vehicle With A Tarp?

  • Sure you can. However, if you do not want your vehicle damaged from weather or debris during transit, then we highly recommend against using a tarp. If your vehicle is shipping by sea, then it will most likely be loaded into a sea container with other vehicles, and has a good chance or being bumped into another vehicle along the way. Shrink wrapping your vehicle with ASI will prevent any damage to the vehicle.

My Vehicle Is Being Transported Across The USA On A Open Car Hauler, Is Shrink Wrapping Necessary?

  • Yes, especially if you want your car to arrive in the same condition that it left. Any open car hauler is great for transporting your vehicle across the country; however, an open car hauler will not protect your against debris on the highway, or weather conditions while traveling. Our shrink wrap with designed to protect the vehicle 360 degrees, and are 99.9% sealed. The 0.1% open is for the chains to secure the vehicle to the transport trailer. Another thing to remember, that if your car hauler’s driver’s stops for the night to sleep and a thief attempts to rob the vehicles on the car hauler, it will certainly deter any thief when they approach a vehicle that is completely shrink-wrapped; in fact, he or she will most likely not even bother the vehicle that is shrink wrapped!


If you need a vehicle shipped a long distance or a short distance, you want it to be protected while in transit, in the United States and the world over, contact Atlantic Shrink Wrap Inc. online or call 410.376.7052 for a free quote today.