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The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Shrinkwrap

With advancements in technology and manufacturing, there are now many different kinds of shrink wrap for your storage and protection needs. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. provides shrink wrap services of all sorts to meet all of your needs. The experts discuss their eco-friendly shrink wrapping service and the benefits of using it for your shrink wrap services

The Benefits Eco-Friendly Shrink wrap Use

Eco-friendly shrinkwrap is a quality solution that can be used for food and medical services. It can safely ship and store equipment and machinery that needs to be kept as sterile as possible. BioShrink shrink wrap has an antimicrobial coating that prevents the growth of any microorganisms on or under the shrink wrap.

We also ensure that this shrink wrap is environmentally friendly. This antimicrobial coating poses no danger to the environment or natural surroundings. This means it can be used outside on equipment without fear of it harming the plants and animals in the environment after getting wet or damaged.

Other Uses of Eco-Friendly Shrink wrap

It’s important that equipment used for food and medical services doesn’t have mold, mildew, or any bacteria growth on it. However, that isn’t the only industry that eco-friendly shrink wrap can be used for.

On construction and remodeling projects, they often take a significant amount of time. Building materials can be left out in the weather for long periods of time. Mold or mildew can often grow on the wood or other materials that are exposed during this time. This isn’t something that people will want contaminating their new building projects. BioShrink shrink wrap can prevent this growth from happening while the project is completed.

BioShrink can also be used year-round for crawl spaces, basements, or garages. These areas aren’t always constructed in the best way. They can get damp and musty in certain seasons. You can line an entire room or space with BioShrink so that you don’t have mold growth in these areas of your home. This helps with allergies and other health impacts that can come with mold and mildew growth.

The BioShrink Process

Our BioShrink shrink wrap has a distinctive tan color that distinguishes it from our other products. It can be used just like regular shrink wrap. If you’re covering products that’ll be outside, it can be heat-shrunk like our other products. Heat-shrinking ensures that you get a tight covering that gives you the best antimicrobial protection possible.

Eco-Friendly Shrink Wrap Services

Is our BioShrink shrink wrap the ideal material to protect your equipment or home? Call us today or contact us online about getting started on a new project!