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The Top Benefits Of Using Shrink Wrap

shrink wrap servicesShrink wrap is known worldwide as being used in the kitchen to help keep food from spoiling faster. But did you know that shrink wrap services have multiple other advantages that can be beneficial for outdoor projects and moving equipment both large or small? Atlantic Shrink Wrap has listed some of the top benefits that shrink wrap can offer that you may have not been aware of before.


  • Shrink wrap is 100% waterproof, and water does not leak through it. It is completely sealable and will help protect anything you need to protect, whether it is food or a vehicle. If you have a vehicle that you need to be transported, whether it is a short distance or long distance, shrink wrap will protect your vehicle from bad weather like rain and snow.


  • If you need to protect something that is large and heavy, and need it to be protected during transit, then shrink wrap is the solution that you are looking for. Shrink wrap is light and versatile, which means that it can be wrapped to protect just about anything. The lightweight factor of shrink wrap will also help reduce freight costs, as most freight companies will charge by size and weight.

Environmental Friendly

  • Shrink wrap is chemically inert and contains no toxins or coloration. This means that shrink wrap is ideal for protecting the paint on your vehicle or boat, or even down to your perishable items. If the shrink wrap will be exposed to heat, since it contains no toxins or coloration, nothing harmful will be released into your product or the environment when it heats up.

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