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Is Shrink Wrap Safe For Myself, My Product & The Environment?

Is Shrink Wrap Safe For Myself, My Product & The Environment?We already know the advantages to shrink wrapping your project for just about any application. Even though we are based out of Glen Burnie, MD, we are essentially mobile and have completed jobs across the globe. But a question that is less likely to be asked happens once the job is completed. That is, ‘How Do I Properly and Safely Dispose Of My Shrink Wrap’ or ‘Does This Shrink Wrap Hurt The Environment?’ We have those answers and more below.

Can I Recycle My Shrink Wrap After I Am Done With It?

Yes, just about every state in the United States will have a recycling center that will recycle shrink wrap.  You should always take the extra steps to recycle your shrink wrap after use as an estimated 5.4% of shrink wrap is actually recovered and recycled in the USA each year.

Can Shrink Wrap Do Damage To My Product?

Of course! Shrink wrap is a great product, but like almost every great product, it is only as good as the person who uses or it, or in this case, installs it. Shrink wrap must first be wrapped, then heat must be applied to make it actually shrink. The installer must know how to apply the heat properly and most importantly, the amount of heat to apply. Proper prepping will be required for a job like this, and our staff here at Atlantic Shrink Wrapping is overqualified for a job like this.

Is Shrink Wrap Flammable?

Unfortunately, it is, but luckily for you, Atlantic Shrink Wrap installs flame retardant shrink wrap that meets NFPA 701. Having flame retardant shrink wrap means that you are just about limitless for a product that needs to be stored or wrapped outside and may be exposed to flames.

Is Shrink Wrap Harmful To The Environment?

Some shrink wrap is harmful to the environment, but not the BioShrink Shrink wrap that we use here at Atlantic Shrink Wrap as it features an antimicrobial coating. This will make the shrink wrap look tan in color, and this is essential for transportation, especially overseas. This shrink wrap will prevent the growth of microorganisms under the cover along with the growth of mildew, mold, or algae. This is crucial that we do not bring over any of these bacteria from other countries into our country.


If you are in need to have something protected while in transit or during a job, and you want to be conscious of the environment, and the effects of your shrink wrap long term, in the United States and the world over, contact Atlantic Shrink Wrap Inc. online or call 410.376.7052 for a free quote today.