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Featured Shrink Wrap Projects

Though we have almost two decades of shrink wrapping experience, Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. still finds new projects that we get excited about. Whether it’s something we’ve never provided shrink wrap services for before or just something out of the ordinary, we want to highlight some of our favorite projects.shrink wrap services

Shrink Wrap as Art

One of the most unique projects we’ve been a part of is shrink wrapping a New York City storefront. An old Brooklyn storefront was shrink wrapped to provide a blank canvas that stood out compared to the rest of the street corner. It was then integrated with the rest of the landscape as local graffiti artists used it to make their mark. While shrink wrap is usually considered an industrial necessity, this shows it can be used in other unique ways.

Shrink Wrapping for the Coast Guard

When you think of boat shrink wrapping, it’s usually smaller boats that are owned by residents to take to the river or sea for fishing over the summer. Shrink wrapping is used to keep the boats safe and stored for the winter. However, with this project for the Coast Guard, Atlantic Shrink Wrapping took on a much different form of shrink wrapping a boat.

A controlled environment was required for a ship to be water blasted and painted in the winter months. We assisted a local contractor with a custom scaffolding to be built around the ship in order for us to shrink wrap the area. Shrink wrapping went over the entire scaffolding to make a completely enclosed building in which this work could be done over the course of six weeks.

A Nuclear Power Station

At a Virginia nuclear power station, contaminated equipment needed to be shrink wrapped to be safely stored in an open yard. Roof peaks were built over the equipment to ensure that no water collected on top of the shrink wrap. We also created a sealed cover to go over the equipment, making sure that it was properly protected.

Shrink Wrap Services From Atlantic Shrink Wrapping

With our wide variety of shrink wrapping experience, we feel confident to tackle almost any job. From the military and aviation industries to wrapping equipment for transportation and historical preservation, we’ve done it all. Call us or start a project with us online.