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Did You Know About Our Boat Shrink Wrapping Services?

The winter of 2013-14 has been a rough one, bringing the Chesapeake Bay region above-average amounts of snow and ice. This kind of weather is hard on everyone, including boats.

Boats stored for the winter or undergoing repairs on land need protection from the elements, especially in the mid-Atlantic area. The Bay area’s weather this year produced enough precipitation to cause problems for boat owners who neglected to protect their vessels last fall. Even those who used a tarp cover may find small swamps belowdecks when they open the companionway hatch in a few weeks.

They probably didn’t know that shrink wrapping is the best way to protect any vessel from the effects of rain, snow, sun and wind.

Here at Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc., we have been in business since 2001 and have wrapped a lot of boats. We have become experts in protecting sailboats, military vessels, aircraft and ground vehicles, and nuclear power plant components.

Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, we protect boats docked anywhere, from nearby Pasadena, Maryland, to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and around the world.

ASW’s internal support system helps our shrink wrapping products stand up to heavy snow, rain and ice, exactly the type of weather that the mid-Atlantic experienced this winter. Our shrink wrapping extends over the deck and well down on the sides of a vessel, channelling water where it belongs, on to the ground and not into a boat’s cabin.

We use products that maintain enough ventilation to prevent potentially damaging condensation inside a boat stored during the winter. Our anti-UV products protect against the damaging rays of the sun that contribute to fiberglass cracking and expensive repairs.

Our Bullet Wrap is nearly indestructible for this application because it was designed to stand up to extremely rough conditions. This toughness makes it our product of choice for wrapping boats prior to transport. Because a boat’s wrapping needs to be aerodynamic to prevent wind damage, we use a strapping system rather than internal propping which collapse under the stresses of highway speeds.