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Shrink Wrap For Military Projects

Shrink wrapping is an inexpensive yet efficient method of protecting sensitive equipment from damage during transport or in times of storage. The United States Department of Defense often calls in the services of Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. (ASI) when it becomes necessary to cover heavy equipment.

This type of protective covering is preferred by the military because it keeps equipment free from dirt and dust, light exposure, and moisture. This is especially important in the aviation industry. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping provides complete protective covering service for aircraft as well as for tanks and other artillery, transport vehicles, and bulky communications equipment.

The Benefits Of Shrink Wrap Protection

Shrink wrap plastic is lightweight and easy to work with. The modern polymers used by Atlantic Shrink Wrapping have been developed to provide an efficient moisture barrier, prevent dangerous light frequencies from damaging equipment, and seal the insides from airborne particulates.

Corrosion is caused by the effects of moisture and organic/inorganic compounds floating freely in the atmosphere. One of the specialized plastic films developed for ASI contains a highly effective additive known as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor – abbreviated as VCI – that prevents these unwanted agents from coming into contact with metal.

Shrink wrap is often used as a concealing material. When an airplane, helicopter, or other vehicle is covered with white plastic, positive identification becomes virtually impossible. This is extremely important when transporting heavy equipment overseas or on exposed transport flatbeds.

Expert Teams Of Wrap Specialists

Located in Pasadena, Maryland, ASI contracts with military and paramilitary departments by sending a team of experienced wrapping techs into the field. The company dispatches personnel throughout the continental United States, and the team is equipped with everything needed to complete the job.

The wrapping procedure involves sizing the material, cutting it to specific dimensions, and forming a tight cover around the equipment being protected. The wrap is very tight, much more effective than a plastic tarp. The interior atmosphere is completely separated from the outside environment. When properly covered in shrink wrap, a vehicle or piece of equipment is in effect hermetically sealed.

Setting Up A Contract

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. places job bids with the military and other clients. However, all interested parties can contact the company for a cost estimate for specialized services. Although the firm is headquartered in Maryland, it stores material all across the nation and is known for its rapid mobilization of personnel and prompt service wherever the client is located.