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Shrink Wrap for Energy Sector

Atlantic Shrink Wrap (ASW) is a mobile shrink wrap service that delivers high quality protection on location. We specialize in shrink wrapping large equipment in the preparation of transport or storage. We have a long standing working relationship with energy giants such as Energy Northwest, General Electric, Exelon Energy, SPX Heat Transfer. From Pasadena to Maryland, Atlantic Shrink Wrap uses the perfect packaging material for all sensitive or large equipment.

The energy industries use shrink wrap to secure equipment during transport and for storage preparation. These objects are often incredibly large and have to be handled within certain guidelines before transport or storage. We use a durable 12 mil thick flame retardant wrap for such jobs. This is the strongest material on the market to date. The energy industry has a plethora of guidelines and regulations in place to ensure public safety. Atlantic Shrink Wrap has the technology and the man power to fulfill these complex jobs effectively and safely.

International jobs are common in this line of work and ASW travels where the action is. We work with the Military, the Aviation industry and large and small commercial transports. We have experience in the preservation of historical objects and artifacts. Some companies use ASW to secure large items for long term or permanent storage. Other companies have to prepare equipment for International transport. Our services are often used to protect very large pieces from the elements, such as extreme hot or cold temperatures. ASW has a history of professional service both foreign and domestic.

All of our employees go through a rigorous background check and though many industry specific training program. As technology advances, ASW stays on the cutting edge through continual education and global certification. All of our technicians can be drug tested upon request and can provide additional identification and proof of certification.

At Atlantic Shrink Wrap, shrink wrapping has many uses and applications particularly in industries such as energy. Energy sector companies often use shrink wrapping procedures to protect containers and machines while they are being moved or stored. Shrink wrapping is convenient for energy companies because the shrink wrap material contracts to the shape it is around, whether it be a bulky device or an open container. When it contracts, it not only prevents the device or container from damage, but also keeps it clean.

No matter how large or oddly shaped an item is, shrink wrap can be used to protect it. These qualities are essential for the energy company’s choice in protection of their equipment, as energy companies require protection for a very wide assortment of parts, such as pieces of a nuclear power or electrical plant. Other common protective methods do not have the same convenient versatility that shrink wrapping provides.

Convenience and versatility are not the only benefits of shrink wrapping. The process is also environmentally beneficial for energy companies. Covering storage containers with shrink wrap keeps contaminants inside the container, preventing them from being released into the environment where they could be potentially harmful. Shrink wrapping of containers is an effective way to protect the local environment as it keeps the immediate area free of all pollutants and contaminants that might otherwise escape from the container. Atlantic Shrink Wrap provides a safe, convenient solution for protecting and transporting sensitive items for some of the nation’s top power generating companies and their contractors.