Featured Projects

95 Ft. Long, 120,000 Lb. Steel Framed Machine, Virginia

Atlantic Shrink Wrap visits Roanoke, Virginia to shrink wrap a 91 foot long 120,000 lb. mechanical apparatus for long distance shipping to Louisiana. The apparatus was built in Roanoke over the last two months and was ready for shrink wrapping in mid-February 2013. Atlantic Shrink Wrap travels to the Virginia company several times a year to protect their shipments with our tried and proven shrink wrap installation techniques.

The challenges we face during the shrink wrapping process of such large steel framed items like these are the sharp edges. Hours of padding are necessary to protect the shrink wrap from tearing during the long road trip. The shrink wrap can look strong and tight when it leaves Virginia but we need to ensure it is in the same condition when it reaches Louisiana. If the shrink wrap fails during its trip, it can cause damage to the unit and cause potential hazards to other travelers on the road.

Each shrink wrap project we do for the Virginia based company comes with different challenges. During this last trip, the unit had to be taken apart due to the size restrictions of the transport company’s trailers. The larger of the two pieces was 74 Ft long and the smaller of the two was 21 Ft long.

Our shrink wrap would be put to the test at a minimum of 50 MPH for well over 900 miles, from Virginia through Tennessee, across Alabama and finally into Louisiana. We are confident that our finished product would be up to the test because; we use only premium materials and professional installation methods.

We look forward to our next visit to Virginia to shrink wrap a unit that will be going to Vancouver British Columbia.

Bell 222 Helicopter, New Jersey

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was in Morristown, New Jersey on Jan 31st 2013 to shrink wrap a Bell 222 helicopter and related parts for over the road transport to Denver, Colorado. The helicopter was bought for parts and was not flight ready. ASI was hired to travel four hours from our home base of Annapolis, MD to insure the helicopter was protected from the harsh winter elements during its transport. Road salt is the biggest problem faced while transporting items in the winter. If the helicopter had been shipped without shrink wrapping it first, it would have arrived in Denver, Colorado covered in salt. The salt would not only cover the outside of the helicopter, but it would also get in every crack, hinge, door panel or any other opening or seam throughout the entire aircraft.

Many might not think that shrink wrap is necessary and that a tarp could do the same job. This is NOT true by any means. A tarp cannot form to an object as shrink wrap can. If the tarps move or flap in the wind during transport, it can easily damage the fragile skin or antennas of an aircraft. Tarps cannot stop the wet salt spray from the roads coming up under the trailer either. The trip would take the shrink wrapped helicopter from New Jersey, through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and finally arriving in Denver, Colorado. The helicopter would likely see ice, snow and lots of salt during its journey.

As you can see by the photo above, the aircraft was completely sealed and protected for it long trip. When the customer unwraps the helicopter in Denver, Colorado they will see a clean well cared for item that was purchased in shipped from so far away in New Jersey.

ASI looks forward to working with the company who hired us to make that trip to New Jersey and look forward to traveling to any other destinations where our professional shrink wrapping services are needed.

Brookhaven National Laboratories Long Island, NY Shrink Wrap

ASI was hired to complete shrink wrapping on a very delicate and important move of a Scientific Cryostat from Brookhaven National Laboratories located on Long Island, NY that would be shipped by truck and by barge. The shrink wrapping had been contracted to another well-known shrink wrapping company from Florida and 11 days from the move the shrink wrapping company decided they were not going to show up. A call was placed to ASI to inquire about the possibilities of getting a crew up to New York from MD to do the job. ASI was happy to help the customer out.

The cryostat was removed from the building and ASI went to work. The task was to protect the cryostat from any salt spray during its time on a shipping barge. This included the sensitive pumps and gauges located on the front.


The cryostat measured over 50 Ft. in diameter. The red skeleton was designed and built by the shipping company.

ASI personnel installed padding over the required points and wrapped the cryostat in a single day.


The shipping company was elated by the professionalism of the ASI crew and made comment that they were happy to have found us and that our work was superior to the company they had used in the past who ultimately left them hanging only 11 days earlier.

The cryostat’s journey would take it north through the great lakes and down the Mississippi to Indiana.


Nuclear Power Station Virginia

Atlantic Shrink Wrap completed a large and complicated shrink wrap project to cover nuclear contaminated equipment being stored in an open yard at a VA Nuclear Power Station in the spring of 2012. After the success of that project was realized and the satisfactory inspection of the covered contaminated equipment by the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), the company hired ASI to do the same similar job at another facility in the summer of 2013.

Nuclear Power Station
VA Nuclear Power Station. Spring 2012

The above project had many obstacles that the ASI crew had to overcome. One of which was to keep any water from collecting on the tops of the shrink wrapped equipment. Roof peaks were built to ensure this didn’t happen.

Nuclear Power Station1
2nd VA Nuclear Power Station, Summer 2013

The second project above was to create a sealed cover over the contaminated items but we didn’t have to worry about the roof peaks because they had solid tops on them. ASI was given 3 days to complete this project and the weather was not on our side. ASI crews again took the required on site RAD Worker training to operate at the facility and worked tirelessly to complete the project on time and on budget.

Nuclear Power Station2

Nuclear Power Station3

Nuclear Power Station4

ASI’s Vice President Dustin Hoover high above the job site.

Nuclear Power Station5

Another job well done and happy customer.

Wallops Island, VA shrink wrap that’s out of this world
In support of NASA and the Orbital Sciences Antares Rocket Launch January 2014


Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was called to Wallops Island, VA to shrink wrap support equipment for the latest Antares rocket fuel system. The rocket was being launched to the International Space Station. The equipment had been wrapped for its trip to Wallops Island but was in very poor condition. The equipment was now going to be going overseas to Ukraine and needed to be wrapped properly to make the journey.

The lead contractor in charge of making this equipment safe contacted Atlantic Shrink Wrap and discussed his needs and time frame for services. We had a two day window to travel to VA and get the job done. We also managed to co-ordinate the job with enough time left to get to view the launch of the Antares rocket.


Each of the two pieces of equipment needed to be completely padded and “cocoon” wrapped using our premium 12 mil thick flame retardant material. And they had to make it over the road by truck transport and then overseas by ship.


Upon delivery of our finished shrink wrap the customer told us that he had never seen it done that good before. We are always happy to show our expertise. Another job well done and happy customer.

U.S Coast Guard Shrink Wrap for the 100 Ft. Long Cutter “Tiger Shark”

US Coast Guard

The U.S Coast Guard needed to have their ship in a controlled environment for the purpose of water blasting and painting the ship in the dead of winter.

Due to Atlantic Shrink Wraps experience shrink wrapping scaffolding, we were awarded a major contract to erect and shrink wrap a scaffold temporary building around the U.S Coast Guard Cutter “Tiger Shark”. The building was 40 Ft. tall, 105 Ft. long and 40 Ft. wide. A total of over 16,000 Sq.Ft of material was used to cover the scaffolding.

US Coast Guard1

Once the ship was pulled from the water the mast had to be removed before work on the scaffolding could begin. ASI and their choice of local scaffolding contractor designed and planned out the custom building prior to the bid.

US Coast Guard2

We only had 4 days to get the scaffolding erected before shrink wrap could begin and we were only given 2 days to completely wrap the large building.

US Coast Guard3

ASI crew worked side by side with the scaffolding company so that the shrink wrap could be installed in the least amount of time but with the most precision .

Coast Guard

Above is Atlantic Shrink Wraps Vice President Dustin Hoover, high atop the roof trusses of the 40 Ft. tall scaffolding.

Coast Guard 1

The first piece of shrink wrap was installed in less than favorable wind conditions as seen above. Time to complete the project was very tight so the crew had no choice but to fight Mother Nature and get things accomplished.

Coast Guard 2

Coast Guard 3

ASI President Chris Grimm and Project Manager Dave Chapman work to shrink the first wall before the end of the day.

Coast Guard 4

Day two of wrapping continues with additional side pieces being installed while the scaffolding crew tries to get the roof ready for the final push to finish on time.

Coast Guard 5

The weather was not cooperating again as the winds began to increase. Our only option was to work into the night when the winds were calmer.

Coast Guard 6

Our crew put in a 18.5 hour shift that day to make sure thing were done, then returned the next day while the coast guard was hard at work to double check everything. The winds were blowing over 30 mph as you can see a blue tarp bellowing in the wind in the picture above.

The building has been a huge success for the yard. Just after we finished the building, the area experienced some of the lowest temperatures of the year. These low temps would have halted work for weeks at the yard. The building was used for 6 long cold weeks and then disassembled to allow the ship to be completed and put back into service.

Coast Guard 7

Atlantic Shrink Wrap is proud to do our part to help the men and women of the United States Armed Forces as we were able to do on this project. God Bless Our Troops.