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95 Ft. Steel Framed Machine

Atlantic Shrink Wrap visits Roanoke, Virginia to shrink wrap a 91 foot long 120,000 lb. mechanical apparatus for long distance shipping to Louisiana. The apparatus was built in Roanoke over the last two months and was ready for shrink wrapping in mid-February 2013.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap travels to the Virginia company several times a year to protect their shipments with our tried and proven shrink wrap installation techniques. The challenges we face during the shrink wrapping process of such large steel framed items like these are the sharp edges.

Hours of padding are necessary to protect the shrink wrap from tearing during the long road trip. The shrink wrap can look strong and tight when it leaves Virginia but we need to ensure it is in the same condition when it reaches Louisiana. If the shrink wrap fails during its trip, it can cause damage to the unit and cause potential hazards to other travelers on the road.

Commercial Shrink Wrap Project

Each shrink wrap project we do for the Virginia based company comes with different challenges. During this last trip, the unit had to be taken apart due to the size restrictions of the transport company’s trailers. The larger of the two pieces was 74 Ft long and the smaller of the two was 21 Ft long.

Commercial Shrink Wrapping Virginia

Our shrink wrap would be put to the test at a minimum of 50 MPH for well over 900 miles, from Virginia through Tennessee, across Alabama and finally into Louisiana. We are confident that our finished product would be up to the test because; we use only premium materials and professional installation methods.

We look forward to our next visit to Virginia to shrink wrap a unit that will be going to Vancouver British Columbia.