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New York City Storefront

Shrink Wrapping is an Art Form

As a professional shrink wrapping business, Atlantic Shrink Wrap has had the opportunity to be a part of many unique projects from boats to military helicopters. But a recent project allowed the Pasadena, MD based company to stretch their imaginations and see the artistic application that shrink wrapping can have!

New York City Construction Shrink Wrap

As featured in this Core77 web article, Atlantic Shrink Wrap partnered with Brooklyn art studio SO-IL to create an installation in an old Brooklyn storefront as part of the Exhibition Blueprint, curated by Sebastiaan Bremer and Florian Idenburg & Jing Liu of SO-IL.

Dustin Hoover traveled to NYC and worked with the curators of the exhibition to create a shrink wrap of the Art and Architecture storefront that highlights the structure in a unique way.

The “blank canvas” that the white shrink wrap provides lends a stark contrast to the colorful, busy urban street corner that it occupies. It draws attention in both a conspicuous and inconspicuous way at the same time, creating the artistic rendering of being seen and behind the facade simultaneously.

The shrink wrap has slowly become integrated into the organic landscape as neighborhood graffiti artists put their mark on the blank canvas. It is interesting to explore the many ways that a product or process can be utilized and expressed: taking a product used to seal and cover all types of machinery, vehicles and structures was able to be rendered as part of an artistic exhibition that asks both artists and architects to consider the root of their work and their own artistic expression.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap was honored to be a part of this exhibition which runs through March 21, 2015.