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Tips for Shrink Wrap Removal

Whether you employ shrink wrap to preserve items in storage or protect materials during transport, you can feel confident in guaranteed, long-lasting coverage. But when you are ready to uncover shrink wrap from your objects, you want to complete this process carefully and properly to avoid harming the items in question.

Understanding this task and the best way to accomplish it ahead of time will allow you to be better able to complete it when the time comes. So read on to find advice from shrink-wrapping professionals about how to remove and dispose of shrink-wrap plastic when finished with it.

Tips for Shrink Wrap Removal

Remove Exterior Shrink Wrap Features

Ready to unwrap your shrink-wrap packaging? In order to remove this airtight plastic from your merchandise without harming any items underneath this protective layer, you will want to avoid ripping into it without a plan.

You should begin by taking note of the existing condition of the shrink wrap. If the shrink wrap coverage includes other features, you should remove these items from the area first.

For instance, if you use shrink wrap to protect a construction site or build a designated, separate space, you might use vents or zippered doors that allow entry or airflow without breaking the airtight seal. These items will not be disposed of in the same way as shrink-wrap plastic. So you should keep them in a separate location.

Follow guidelines to remove these items from the shrink wrap safely. If you are not sure how to do this, consult a shrink wrap expert online or via phone at 410.376.7052.

Cut Shrink Wrap with Care

Shrink wrap will cling tightly to the items this plastic covers, so removing the plastic will require strategy and precision. Use strong, sharp scissors or knives when cutting into shrink wrap so that you can complete this task efficiently and without risking damage to yourself or the underlying item.

It is easier to start from the bottom and cut parallel to the ground when removing shrink wrap coverage. Make sure you do not aim your blade toward yourself so that you do not sustain an injury. To better manage the discarded shrink wrap, ball the plastic up as you go.

Removing shrink wrap can be tricky. So it may be a good idea to hire a shrink wrap professional to uninstall shrink wrap coverage for you. You can call a specialist to get an estimate for this job at no cost to you.

Recycle Your Plastic Shrink Wrap

When you finish removing shrink wrap from the item it covers, you will want to dispose of this material properly. This polyethylene plastic is recyclable, so you can recycle this product rather than throw it away. Many people appreciate this environmentally friendly feature of this material.

If you find you have a bulk amount of this shrink wrap, you might have to drop off this product. Or you might need to schedule a pick-up with your local recycling partner. Learn more when you speak to a shrink wrap expert.