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Close Camping Season with Shrink Wrap

As the weather grows colder and camping sites close for the season, you might wonder what to do with your RV, boats, and other items that you will not use until next year. You want to make sure these supplies stay preserved and functional during the months of disuse.

Not everyone has access to indoor storage options and will need to rely on protective material to cover the items. Shrink wrap is a material you can trust to shield your camping supplies all winter. Read on to learn more about the importance of protecting your camping equipment safely with coverage like shrink wrap.

protect camping equipment and RVs

Keep Your Camping Supplies Safe

Your RV provides comfort, shelter, transport, and much more when you camp. To make sure it continues to serve these purposes without issue during the next camping season, you need to cover and protect this vehicle effectively.

When you buy your RV, you likely insure it to protect it, but routine maintenance is also needed to keep the vehicle safe. And in places where winter brings harsh cold weather, you should winterize your RV. This will involve steps like draining water lines, caring for tires and the engine, and covering openings like doors and windows.

But you may also want to cover the entire structure with a protective layer. You may think a tarp can do this job, but shrink wrap can make a more thorough shield over the item.

Shrink wrap will create an airtight seal around any object, including RVs and boats that might have an irregular form. Then you can store these items either indoors or outdoors without worrying that exposure will damage these items. Even indoor storage presents risks like dust and other grime that could collect on your RV over time.

Shrink wrap can stop weather damage and outside debris from harming your RV or making it dirty. Then it will be in good shape to use when the camping season starts again. Hire an expert shrink-wrapping company for the best results in covering your equipment.

Endure Outdoor Winter Storage with Confidence

Outdoor storage will put your RV and other camping equipment under unique threats due to weather and temperature. The first step to weathering out this season is to park your RV strategically. Park under a roofed facility if you can. But if not, avoid parking under trees where branches and critters can have access to the vehicle.

Shrink wrap covering will shield the RV from many types of winter weather. For instance, it stops moisture from rain, snow, and ice from seeping into the vehicle where it can cause structural damage from freezing and melting throughout the season.

The covering will also stop insects, leaves, tree sap, sun rays, and more from penetrating and damaging the RV. This can mean your RV will last for longer without needing costly cleaning and repair. And then you will need less maintenance before the start of the next camping season.