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Project Highlight: Transporting a Cockpit Simulator

When the Naval Air Station Patuxent River (NAS Pax River) wanted to retire a training cockpit, they contacted a professional shrink-wrapping company for assistance in transporting the item. They needed to cover the cockpit, protecting it in transit, as it moved from the station to its destination at the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum.

Shrink wrap proved to be a successful method to accomplish this. The cockpit made it to the museum without issue and will be on display in an exhibit soon. Read on to learn how Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. approached this unique project.

military shrink wrap project

Shrink Wrapping Logistics

The cockpit served as a flight simulator to train naval pilots at NAS Pax River for the last ten years. Its dimensions were 23 feet high, 27 feet long, and 16 feet wide. Because the item was large, irregularly shaped, and delicate, the station needed a trusted team of experts to shrink wrap the cockpit.

The distance between the station and the museum was about two miles. The cockpit was carefully shrink wrapped before it was towed and transported to its new destination in April.

A team of shrink-wrapping professionals used polyethylene plastic to cover the item and applied heat to shrink the material, creating an airtight seal that suited its unique shape. With experts behind this process, there was no concern about ill-fitting coverage or damaging the item during the wrapping.

The cockpit is now in storage, still shrink wrapped, at the museum with other similar items where it will become part of an interactive exhibit. The museum plans to open this exhibit to the public next year.

Consider Shrink Wrap for Your Transport Project

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. possessed the experience and equipment needed for a project of this magnitude. Our experts have prior successful projects shrink wrapping aviation equipment such as a training cockpit. They understand the unique approach needed to successfully protect and seal these varyingly shaped items.

Our team also has worked with the military on projects in the past. They hold the necessary clearances and background checks to assist with military projects. Our clients will not experience delays in their transport scheduling.

The project with NAS Pax River was multi-faceted, and Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. was able to achieve each of their goals. They effectively covered and sealed the object, both shielding it from external threats and preserving the item inside.

The process was done with the knowledge that the item will undergo transportation. Therefore, the shrink wrapping could withstand potential risk factors from external threats, like weather and road debris.

The shrink wrap also now continues to protect the cockpit while stored at its final destination. It provides continuous defense against risks like pests and dust accumulation. With all of these elements to consider, you will want to hire an expert team to take care of your items, no matter the size, shape, or circumstances. They can plan shrink wrapping according to your unique project.