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Shrink Wrapping For A Specialized Field

If you must protect expensive aviation or aerospace equipment during transit, you might possess familiarity with a Maryland-based firm, Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc (ASI). The company will visit your facility and prepare items for shipment in order to safeguard valuable equipment and technology. ASI also works to shrink wrap many other items for transit.High-quality large shrink wrapping project

Why Shrink Wrap Matters

Today, a wide array of potential environmental and geopolitical problems potentially pose a hazard to valuable equipment. Companies, philanthropic organizations, educational institutions, private individuals and governmental agencies all encounter occasions when they must ship expensive equipment as freight. Ordinary packaging materials may not adequately protect some types of specialized products.

What types of hazards might shrink wrapping help you avoid? Just consider some of these threats to sensitive avionic equipment during the shipping process:

  • Debris and dirt encountered during transit
  • Some types of jostling
  • Rodents and insect activity
  • Wildlife and bird damage
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Water damage.

If your firm does not maintain protocols for shipping some types of aviation and aerospace equipment, you run the risk of sustaining unnecessary damage. Using ASI can solve problems before they arise by preventing needless losses. Durable, water proof shrink wrap won’t safeguard a shipment from every potential hazard, but it does protect against some common threats to cargo.

Count on ASI

Depend on Atlantic Shrink Wrap to handle your valuable aviation and aerospace equipment with care. We also handle many other types of items that benefit from the extra protection shrink wrap provides to goods during transit. For example, use our services to prepare these types of items for transport:

  • Many types of industrial machinery
  • Historic artifacts
  • Some types of art work
  • Building materials
  • Some vehicles
  • Engines and mechanical parts
  • Some types of boats
  • A wide array of specialized large products

To find out whether ASI can assist you, call 410-376-7052 today! We travel to your job site.