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The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping With ASI

Coast Guard shrink wrapping servicesAt Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Annapolis, Maryland we understand the importance of protecting your investment and the many benefits of shrinking wrapping. We have saved time and money for many of our clients who entrust us with their valuable investments.  From nuclear power plants to historic restorations, we provide service to many different industries that require protection of their materials for transport, storage, and restoration efforts.  We have, and will, travel far and wide to meet our client’s needs as an international mobile shrink wrapping service.

Important Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

Protection From the Environment

Weather can pose a great threat to sensitive materials and machinery.  When applied correctly, shrink wrap can protect precious materials from weather and other outside dangers including unwanted animals, bugs, debris and vandals.  Many of our long term storage projects consist of protecting building materials, and in some cases entire rooms, while under construction.

Protection During Travel

A shrink wrapped item fitted to its correct specifications should be able to withstand the rigors of travel.  Our shrink wrapped items have traveled by road, rail and sea without damage.  We have worked with several military institutions to conceal and protect sensitive materials such as helicopters and tanks during transportation.

For Safety Purposes

Atlantic Shrink Wrap utilizes flame retardant shrink wrap to reduce the risk of fire damage during storage and transportation.  This amazing technology possesses the ability to extinguish itself after the source of heat has been removed.  This gives the shrink wrapped item the ability to be stored around areas exposed to open flames in industries such as welding and steam fitting.

Eco Friendly Protection

Best of all, Atlantic Shrink Wrap offers a new technology in eco-friendly shrink wrap (BioShrink) to protect against microbes without harming natural surroundings.

Atlantic Shrink Wrap recognizes that each project is unique with its own set of factors to consider.  Providing the ultimate protection for our client’s investments during storage and travel is our highest priority. Contact us to get your project started today.