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Prioritize Safety with Shrink Wrap on Nuclear Projects

Rising global conservation efforts mean that sustainable power markets are growing, including the nuclear energy sector. However, this power source utilizes materials that can be dangerous if not disposed of or stored properly.

Shrink wrap can boost safety measures in nuclear power plants in multiple ways. Atlantic Shrink Wrap, a shrink wrapping services company serving the greater Pennsylvania area, describes how shrink wrap can help clients working in the nuclear energy sector.

shrink wrap in nuclear energy sector in Pennsylvania

Seal Contaminated Equipment

Shrink wrap has a reputation for effectively shielding items of any size from potential external damage. It can provide this protection for nuclear power equipment as well, but it also can contain some potentially harmful chemicals from escaping and harming employees.

The polyethylene plastic of shrink wrap conforms to the shape of objects of any size when heated. The process creates an airtight seal that preserves items within the wrapping. It also prevents any exterior materials from affecting the item or interior substances from passing through the wrapping. This boosts safety when disposing of or storing hazardous items.

Confidence in Long-Lasting Protection

Shrink wrap is durable, able to withstand sunlight, rain, and other harsh weather conditions without tearing and exposing the covered object. Whether you intend to transport or store your item, you can be sure the shrink wrap covering will remain in place.

You should trust professionals to install the shrink wrap so that the item is completely covered without trapped air or other issues. Our specially trained contractors at Atlantic Shrink Wrap have experience with wrapping nuclear reactors and other equipment. With this specialization, you can feel confident your objects are safe.

Save Your Resources

Trusting shrink wrapping projects to professionals ensures your job is completed properly without complications that can impact your schedule. Our team wastes no plastic material and finishes labor efficiently.

This means that you save money on storage and transport costs in the long run. With additional time and money in your budget, you can focus on boosting other safety measures on your site or other day-to-day business concerns.

Use Shrink Wrap in the Nuclear Industry in Pennsylvania

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. supplies expert shrink wrap services to customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Our products can shield and preserve items for clients across multiple industries, including the military, aviation, and nuclear energy sector. To learn more about how our services can help your project, contact us online or reach us by phone at 410.376.7052.