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Think Shrink Wrap for Sanitation

During the ongoing global pandemic, keeping items clean and germ-free is more important than ever. After sanitizing an object, you want to ensure it remains sterilized during transport until it reaches its destination.

Shrink wrap can provide the perfect protection for your sanitized items. Atlantic Shrink Wrap, a shrink wrapping services company near Norfolk, VA, describes how shrink wrap keeps your items safe and secure during the chaos of the pandemic.

shrink wrap protection Norfolk Virginia

Air-Tight Seal

Shrink wrap is plastic that covers an item and shrinks when heat is applied to the material. During this process, the plastic creates an air-tight seal, completely protecting the object from exterior elements while preserving the item within the shrink wrap.

With shrink wrap, your sanitized item can remain sterile because no outside factors can penetrate the material. The object is protected from weather, dirt, and debris, but also from hazards related to COVID-19.

Durable Material

Shrink wrap plastic is durable, so the seal that will protect your item will remain intact for the duration of its coverage, whether the object will be stationary or in transit. The polyethylene material is already resilient, and the heating that causes it to shrink strengthens it further.

Shrink wrap will mold to fit the object, protecting it completely, and you can trust that it will maintain this coverage for an extensive period of time. This means that you can transport your item without worrying that its sanitation will be comprised on its journey.

Protection You Can Trust

You can feel confident about your choice in protecting your items with shrink wrap for the above reasons. If you are transporting or delivering the item to another party, they can also feel certain that the item is safe, clean, and sterile.

Shrink wrap creates an air-tight seal that you can see after the shrinking process is complete. If the seal breaks or the material tears for an extreme reason, the material appears loose, and you can see if the item has been compromised.

Therefore, when you see the item arrive with shrink wrap intact, you will know the item is secure and it remains sanitized and safe from exterior damage or threats. During this stressful time across the globe, this certainty is highly valuable.

Professional Shrink Wrap Services Near Norfolk, VA

Atlantic Shrink Wrap offers shrink wrapping services to customers near Norfolk, VA. Whether your project is for long-term storage or long-distance shipping, we can keep your items safe with shrink wrap. To consult our team about your project, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.376.7052.