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Summer Protection with Shrink Wrap

Many individuals look forward to warmer temperatures as summer approaches. But for those in the storage or shipping industry, summertime brings unique challenges. Summer weather allows people to enjoy the outdoors, but it has harshness just like winter can bring.

You will need a durable, reliable material to protect your project at this time of year. Atlantic Shrink Wrap, a team of shrink-wrapping services experts in Baltimore, MD, describes how shrink wrap can preserve your valuables during the summer months.

shrink wrap protection in summer in Baltimore Maryland

Prevent Sun Damage

Sunny weather can feel pleasant, but just as the sun’s UV rays can burn your skin over time, exposure to sunlight can damage an item. Indoor storage can offer relief from harsh rays, but this is not always available.

Shrink wrap provides thorough and complete coverage for an object, shrinking to conform to the precise shape of the object in question. The polyethylene plastic material is durable as well as thick enough to protect an item from harmful UV rays, even if it is kept in direct sunlight.

Shield from Storms

Summertime does not always entail ideal sunny weather. This time of year is notorious for tumultuous storms that can threaten items that are stored or transported outdoors.

Shrink wrap is extremely tough and can withstand extreme environments, including heavy rain and wind. The material’s clinging properties mean that it does not stretch or tear in high winds. You can face whatever weather summer brings with confidence that your object is safe.

Keep Out Pests

Warm weather means that critters are outside and keen to explore. With this rising prevalence of bugs and small mammals in the area, your item could be at risk of damage.

The tight fit of shrink wrap prevents debris from contaminating your object, which means that pests cannot penetrate the material either. Shrink wrap deters critters with its strong and secure coverage, offering a humane option to keep pests away from your storage area.

Shrink Wrap Services in Baltimore, MD

Atlantic Shrink Wrap offers year-round protection for your items in the greater Baltimore area, whether they are in storage or being transported. We have helped customers in aviation, commercial, marine, historic preservation, and energy industries. To see how we can help your project, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.376.7052.