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All About Shrink Wrap Waste Management

Shrink wrap is an effective protective material made from polyethylene plastic that shrinks when heated. The wrap forms a seal around an object to shield it from outside elements and preserve the state of the item. This can be used for storage, transportation, and much more. But what do you do with this material once your project is complete? Atlantic Shrink Wrap, a professional shrink wrap services provider in Maryland, describes waste management with shrink wrap.shrink wrap services maryland

Recyclable material

Shrink wrap can cover items of any size, so if your project includes covering an item of massive size, including a boat or a building, you may be left with a lot of shrink wrap material at the project’s conclusion. The good news is that shrink wrap is made of plastic and is recyclable in most counties and states. Some manufacturers will recycle your shrink wrap for you. You can contact a shrink wrap professional for more information about locations near you that will accept your shrink wrap for recycling.

Protection without waste

Shrink wrap covers items with an airtight seal. Preservation and protection of your project are guaranteed with shrink wrap. Because shrink wrap clings to the shape of the object it covers, you can be sure that the surrounding space is not wasted with shrink wrap. Unlike other bulky coverage options, shrink wrap effectively protects your project without excess material. With more space available, you can store or transport more items at a time if necessary, saving you money in the long run.

Choose an expert

Proper shrink wrapping should be completed by an expert for the best results. Inexperienced individuals may use too much material which is wasteful and can less effectively protect your project. They may also unintentionally tear or break the shrink wrap seal during the coverage procedure, which will require more material to be used to redo the process. You should make sure the wrapping is done by a professional to ensure optimal results the first time.

Get professional shrink wrap services in Maryland

Atlantic Shrink Wrap provides professional shrink wrap services to customers near Glen Burnie, MD. Our experts can handle projects of any shape or size, whether you intend to store your item or transport it. To get started on your project with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.376.7052.