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Why Get Industrial Shrink Wrap Services?

Industrial items and equipment may be sturdy and durable, but even they need protection during times of transportation and storage. This is where industrial shrink wrap services come into play. At Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc., we provide the protection you need for your industrial and commercial items.shrink wrap services

Why Our Shrink Wrap is Above the Rest

There are many shrink wrap companies out there, so why should you choose us? Our expertise is what makes us stand out. We’ve never had a wrap job fail in over ten years of service! While other companies may be able to make their wrap look good, it isn’t just looks that matter. Quality materials and installation techniques are what make the wrap successful.

Protecting Your Investment

You get shrink wrap services so that you can protect your investment. You want to get a company that’ll get it right. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping starts with padding. This is to make sure that any sharp points on the item won’t poke through the plastic and expose your item to the elements. You also don’t want the plastic or installation of the plastic to harm your item.

We use many different types of padding to make sure every item is protected as best as possible. All of our padding material is new and professional-grade, such as industrial strength bubble wrap or soft foam. Depending on your item, we may use one or both of these to ensure the highest level of protection.

Quality Material and Security

We believe that the benefits from strong, quality material are worth the cost. Cheap material may need multiple applications due to tearing. It saves both time and money, in the long run, to make sure the proper materials and techniques are used the first time around.

Throughout our history, we’ve discovered better ways to ensure the plastic is secured to your item. If we can’t lift the item, the plastic still needs to be secured to the base. Other companies may take the easy way out, but don’t have the security down of the plastic to the item. Our tried and true methods ensure that your item is fully wrapped if it can be lifted and that it isn’t at risk of coming off.

We have an exclusive relationship with our supplier that allows us to get the best materials on the market for shrink wrapping. We only deal with the largest supplier of shrink wrap in the world. This means we can get unique materials that other companies cannot. If you need a special type of wrap for your item, we can get it.

Industrial Shrink Wrap Services

Industrial shrink wrapping is the best way to ensure the protection and safety of your industrial and commercial items. If you’re ready to start a project, call us or contact us online!