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Investigating Commercial Shrink Wrap Protection

Shrink wrap is known to protect leftover food in mainstream media, but commercial shrink wrap services from Atlantic Shrink Wrapping protects industrial-sized items of all kinds. Learn more about how Atlantic Shrink Wrapping offers protection for your commercial investment: shrink wrap services

What exactly is commercial shrink wrap?

Commercial shrink wrap is made of the same material as the kitchen shrink wrap that you may use in your home. It is a polyethylene plastic that shrinks when exposed to heat, forming a seal over whatever object it is wrapped around. The shrinking process strengthens the material, providing complete protection for the object from outside elements. The tightness of the seal makes shrink wrap the ideal storage solution compared to a tarp, which cannot provide as thorough coverage.

What can shrink wrap protect?

Shrink wrap can cover and protect any object, from a plate of pasta to entire buildings. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping is proud to specialize in custom shrink wrap fitting for any item, especially industrial-sized equipment. Shrink wrap’s versatility allows it to shrink to provide full coverage and protection for items of any size or shape, no matter their irregularity.

Shrink wrapping items is a useful and vital service across many industries, but commercial storage using shrink wrap is particularly valuable. The secure and total coverage that shrink wrap offers means that items are protected absolutely. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping has never had a cover fail in its ten years of service.

Some shrink wrap products also feature UV inhibitors which can protect items from sun damage specifically. Because shrink wrap can hold moisture if not properly ventilated, some wooden or painted objects are not ideal candidates for shrink-wrap coverage. A professional from Atlantic Shrink Wrapping can evaluate the best storage and protection options for you and your investment.

Where can I store my shrink wrap-protected item?

Because shrink wrap provides complete coverage and protection, covered items can be stored anywhere. Shrink wrap shields items from dirt and debris that can affect objects stored indoors, as well as sheltering against outside elements like wind, rain, and direct sunlight. If the object needs to be moved to another location, the shrink wrap will still maintain optimum protection during the transportation process. Once the item is protected by shrink wrap, it will remain protected until you decide to remove the material, no matter the location.

Commercial shrink wrap services

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping, Inc. is the premier provider of commercial shrink wrap services in the greater Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area. Contact us about your project online or by phone at 410.376.7052.