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Can Shrink Wrapping Seal Up Your Leaky Skylight?

Can Shrink Wrapping Seal Up Your Leaky Skylight?Winter has come to the Mid-Atlantic region and with it, rain, snow and ice. This leads to water run down your roof and your skylights if you have them. Most every home and business owner knows what a headache a leaky skylight can be. This difficulty is compounded when you need to repair them but maybe you’re not ready to shoulder the cost or inconvenience to your operations. You may be thinking, “Shrink wrapping can’t possibly seal up a skylight?”  To that, Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. of Pasadena, MD answers, “Why not? We’ve done it already!”

We’ve concluded that most skylights can be shrink-wrapped depending on the base that they are mounted on. This is a common temporary solution to stop leaks coming in. Because of the many different climates and types of wether that rooftop skylights will face, it is difficult to say for how long the plastic will last. However, if the proper materials and installation methods are used (which you can guarantee when Atlantic Shrink Wrap is involved), shrink wrapped skylights can be reliable to seal out leaks for several years with only minor maintenance needed from time to time.

ASI Shrink Wraps Philadelphia International Airport Skylights

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was once tasked by a major airport contractor in Philadelphia, PA to shrink-wrap leaking skylights at the Philadelphia International Airport. The skylights were scheduled to be completely replace in the coming year but needed to be covered to prevent further leaking and potential damage to the inside of the building while awaiting replacement.

ASI’s President and Lead Designer met with the contracting company for the airport in Philadelphia and performed an evaluation of the skylights and how shrink-wrapping them could best benefit the situation. A detailed proposal was written and presented to and approved by the contractor. ASI was contracted to perform the shrink-wrap installation on seven (7) individual skylights in three working days. The work was scheduled in less than two weeks from the initial meeting date.

The installation went exactly as planned and ASI was able to finish ahead of schedule, saving all involved companies many man hours and money. The skylights were monitored throughout the time they were wrapped by the airport and inspection reports sent to ASI for evaluation. ASI’s support and maintenance division handled any issues that come up through the report.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc completed the job quickly and professionally and brings that same dedication and attention to detail to all the jobs they perform.

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