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Many Uses of Shrink Wrap

Many Uses of Commercial Shrink WrapShrink-wrapping is a flexible, protective covering for almost any object, allowing for safe transport and storage. The object is wrapped with plastic, and when heated the plastic contracts and forms a sheath that conforms to the shape of the item. The wrapping both conceals and protects its’ prize from dirt, debris and weather. The plastic coating is strong enough for long term storage as well as transport. Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Pasadena, MD has provided protective shrink wrap coverings to clients worldwide for everything including large military vehicles, boats of all sizes and even historic structures undergoing renovation!

What is Shrink Wrap Used For?

Most people think of shrink-wrap as a covering for relatively small objects, however it is very often used for very large, bulky and awkwardly shaped items. Tanks and helicopters, industrial machinery, sculptures, and even boats and vehicles have all been successfully protected with shrink-wrap. ASI has worked with military contractors and other private, global companies on projects that have exceeded $3 billion in value. Atlantic Shrink Wrap has proven itself as a premier installer of customized shrink-wrapping that can withstand the harshest weather conditions and extensive transport.

Historical preservation projects can also benefit from shrink-wrap protection. A building or other large structure that is scheduled for rehabilitation often has to sit exposed while resources and personnel are gathered to begin restoration. Shrink-wrap can be a perfect solution to prevent further deterioration, protecting the site from weather and debris, as well as damage from animals and vandals. Best of all, shrink-wrapping is a mobile service that the provider can do almost anywhere. The wrap is custom-fitted for the application and the plastic can be applied to cover all, or only a select part, of the historical site.

An example of this was a fire-damaged, historic train station in Virginia. As reconstruction was expected to take take several months, there would be a large amount of dust, debris, and movement within the area that could damage the historically sensitive structures. In addition, much of the work would be taking place during the winter, and so significant protection from snow, wind and water was necessary. Tarps are not sufficient to keep out the water and the wind, but shrink-wrap can. Atlantic Shrink Wrap created a custom fit covering that withstood the weather and the station was successfully preserved by shrink-wrap during the full reconstruction effort!

Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Pasadena MD

Although shrink-wrap is a process that most people are familiar with, it can be surprising to many the variety and scale of projects to which it can be applied. Contact Atlantic Shrink Wrap in Pasadena, MD to inquire about shrink-wrapping your project.