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Save Time and Money By Shipping With Shrink Wrap

EH-101 HelicoptersDo you have a boat, vehicle, or any large structure that needs to be protected from the elements to be shipped a long distance but doesn’t fit in a traditional crate? Are you feeling overwhelmed with shipping costs that the weight of traditional packaging adds?

Shrink wrapping may be the best solution. Shrink wrap is tough, withstands the elements of mother nature, and when installed correctly can save you time, money and stress. Based in Central Maryland, Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. understand that each project is unique and requires careful evaluation to ensure the safety and integrity of your project. We serve clients in the Baltimore-Washington metro area as well as many around the country or the globe.

Shrink wrap is a great solution for shipping. It is virtually weightless and doesn’t add to the dimensions of your shipment. Shrink wrap molds to your item and can successfully cover odd and oversized items that would not be able to be shipped in crates or containers. And best of all, when you choose ASI to shrink wrap your shipment, you’ll know it is fully protected and will arrive to its destination just as it left.

Scheduling a consultation with ASI is easy. Give us a call and we can start discussing the specific needs of your project. We’ll ask for photos and dimensions of your item as a jumping point so we can better direct you to what materials you should use, and if venting will be necessary. We may decide to come visit you, so we can see exactly what we’re working with before the scheduled shrink wrap appointment.

Be prepared

Here are some questions we’ll ask you so you can be prepared to answer as many of these questions at the time of the consultation as possible. If you are unsure of any answers, our consultant can help:

  • What is the shrink wrap tasked to do? Protect the item from the top down or encapsulate and seal the item completely?
  • What kinds of weather conditions will the item face during its trip?
  • What kind of padding will be required to protect both the item and the shrink wrap?
  • What kind of shrink wrap is necessary?
  • What size plastic and what thickness will be required?
  • Does the item require desiccant inside the wrap to collect any interior moisture?
  • Does the item need to be vented?
  • Does the item require Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors to fight surface rust and corrosion?
  • Will the item be moved from one shipping trailer to another?
  • Will the item need lifting points left exposed?
  • Will access to the inside of the shrink wrap be required

Contact ASI For Your Shrink Wrap Needs

Shrink wrapping is an art that takes many years of experience to master. When dealing with large expensive and often irreplaceable items, you need to have total confidence in your Shrink Wrap company. With ASI you can be assured that our shrink wrap will stand the test the elements. ASI has a 100% success rate with commercial shrink wrap projects. Contact ASI today to schedule your shrink wrap consultation.