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Shrink Wrap History

shrink wrap historyHistorical architecture is a reminder of who we were, and how we got where we are. Knowing and celebrating history fosters community and builds a vibrant and rich culture. Often historical buildings fall into disrepair, destroyed by weather, fire, or just the passing of time and need major renovations in order to preserve the structure.

Historical Building restoration is an important, expensive and time consuming process that takes precise care and skilled knowledge in order to preserve. Protecting the original structure is essential in maintaining the integrity of the building. Endless conditions can harm a buildings infrastructure while it is being restored. Weather, insects, vandalism, nesting animals- all working against you. How do you protect a large structure while doing lengthy and extensive work?

Atlantic Shrink Wrap of Annapolis, MD has your solution

Shrink WrapOur Shrink Wrap technology for Historical Restoration can protect your renovation project. Here at ASI we understand the intricacies and detail that goes into a proper historical renovation and we can help you to protect your project, so you can take your time, and tend to each step thoughtfully, without the worry of a new squirrel tenant or spring snowstorm.

ASI offers a variety of shrink wrap materials. “Green-Wrap” to Flame retardant protection that meets NFPA 702 specifications. An ASI consultant will work with you to determine what options are best for your project, and discuss pros, cons and budget.

ASI has been trusted by the U.S Military and private global companies, they understand not just how to shrink wrap, but have fine tuned the art. Start a project today, contact ASI to guarantee the safety of your next Historical Renovation project.