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Protect Your Precious Cargo for the Long Term

Long Term Storage Protection

Storage of any item requires special care to ensure protection from the elements. Coming out of storage always means adjustments, extra maintenance and possibly repairs, but these costs can be reduced with the best storage techniques. UV radiation, humidity and temperature changes, and even the storage materials themselves can all cause varying degrees of damage. Heavy equipment and materials, from trailers and helicopters to construction beams and boats, are no different, requiring the same degree of attention to storage.

Nuclear Power Station and commercial shrink wrappingChoosing the Right Storage for Long Term Protection

Whether the equipment is simply being stored on site or faces a future of shipping and modifications, the leading material for long term protection is shrink wrap. The term, shrink wrap, makes most people think of the thin plastic coating over software boxes and Easter baskets, though generally the term refers to any application where plastic is heated to conform to a surface. In the hands of a skilled professional, even the largest items can be covered with a protective film suitable to the task.

What are the Advantages of Shrink Wrap?

In long term storage applications, shrink wrap out-competes other materials in several ways. As well as being fitted to each object, so there is no need to waste time building crates or tying down tarps, shrink wrapping can be done with many types of plastic to offer different kinds of protection suitable to the situation. Anti-microbial plastics, flame retardants, and corrosion inhibition are all possible with plastics. Long term storage can be accomplished outside with UV resistant plastic, and there is no worry of shrink wrap damaging even delicate paint jobs.

These benefits all rely on the expertise of shrink wrap professionals. Choose a professional team of shrink wrap experts for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investments are protected. Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. leads the industry on professional installation of shrink wrap. They are a mobile shrink wrapping company headquartered in Annapolis, MD. Contact ASI to help with your unique shrink wrapping needs.