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Can Roof Skylights be Shrink-wrapped to Stop Leaks?

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If you ask Dustin Hoover, Lead Shrink Wrap Designer from Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. of Pasadena, MD the answer is yes, that most skylights can be shrink-wrapped depending on the base that they are mounted on. This is a common solution to temporarily stop leaks. Due to the many different climates that rooftop skylights will face, it is difficult to say how long the plastic can be guaranteed. However, if the proper materials and installation methods are used shrink wrapped skylights can be reliable for several years with minor maintenance from time to time.

Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc. was recently called by a major airport contractor in Philadelphia, PA to inquire about shrink-wrapping leaking skylights at the Philadelphia International Airport. The skylights are scheduled to be completely replace in the coming year but needed to be covered to prevent further leaking and potential damage to the inside of the building while awaiting replacement.

ASI President and Lead Designer met with the contracting company for the airport in Philadelphia and preformed an evaluation of the structures and how shrink-wrapping them could best benefit the situation. A detailed proposal was written and presented to the contracting company and ultimately approved. ASI was contracted to perform the shrink-wrap installation on seven (7) individual skylights in three working days. The work was scheduled in less than two weeks from the meeting date.

Many logistical obstacles needed to be overcome before the tight start day approached. Security at the airport was very tight, as you would expect. ASI crew members were cleared through a security background check and escorted onto the airport runway to the job site. A three-man crew, consisting of ASI’s top installers was chosen for the project. Time was going to be very tight to get things done ahead of schedule. Some of the work would have to be performed at night due to runway and cargo lanes beneath the work area.

Safety was the number one concern for all on the rooftop and below the roof. We were working on top of active airport terminals and next to moving and running commercial jet aircraft. Even with the mild winds during the installation time, ASI crew had to be 100% certain that no foreign object debris or (FOD) could possibly come off the roof and interfere with the aircraft or airport operations.

The installation went exactly as planned and ASI was not only able to get ahead of schedule but finished the project a full day early saving all involved companies many man hours and money.

The skylights will now be monitored throughout the time they are covered by the owners and inspection reports will be sent to ASI for evaluation. Any problems with the shrink-wrapping reported will be immediately addresses by ASI’s support and maintenance division.

Another job well done by Atlantic Shrink Wrapping Inc.