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How Shrink Wrapping Helped a Bell 222 Helicopter Go From New Jersey to Colorado

A company recently needed to move a Bell 222 helicopter from New Jersey to Colorado in the middle of the winter. The company had considered traditional options for protection like a tarp. The final decision was to shrink wrap the helicopter for transport. The company contacted Atlantic Shrink Wrapping in Pasadena, Maryland to help with the job. The shrink wrapping was very effective in several ways.

Protect the Skin

The skin of the helicopter is designed to be durable during normal flight and storage conditions. It is not designed to handle the rigors of a cross-country trip down roads and highways. The thick shrink wrapping provided an effective barrier that stopped debris and winter road salt from chipping or damaging the skin of the helicopter.

Secure Parts in Place

Although the blades were removed, there were still moving parts present on the Bell 222 helicopter. The shrink wrapping helped to keep everything stable and in place for the long trip to Colorado. The wrapping was form fitted to the helicopter so that parts like the doors could not move and open suddenly because of the vibrations from traveling.

Keep Internal Parts Safe

The reality is that tarps and other coverings would leave the helicopter vulnerable to road salt and debris during the trip. The particles of salt could easily spray up and enter the helicopter through the doors, exhaust or other openings. The shrink wrapping surrounded the entire helicopter. This prevented any salt or debris from getting inside and damaging internal components.

Minimal Cleaning and Maintenance after Arrival

The shrink wrapping from Pasadena, Maryland used by Atlantic Shrink Wrapping created a seal around the helicopter. This seal prevented normal dirt, grime and weather from making the outside dirty. This means the helicopter required minimal cleaning and maintenance after it was unwrapped by the owners in Colorado.