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Beat Summer Heat with Shrink Wrap

With record-breaking temperatures hitting the world this summer, you might wonder how your merchandise will stay preserved in intense heat. Shrink wrap features airtight plastic coverage that will resist harmful effects related to excess heat. But how does this material preserve the items it covers so securely?

A shrink-wrapping professional can use their training and expertise to cover your designated items in this durable plastic. Their practiced method ensures your items’ protection, whether you intend to store them or transport them. And shrink wrap can even preserve certain spaces, offering further defense from heat. Read on to find details about how shrink wrap can keep items and contained spaces safe during hot summer weather.

Beat Summer Heat with Shrink Wrap

Block Harmful UV Rays

The strong polyethylene plastic of shrink wrap creates a protective layer over your intended object. It resists tearing so that you can feel confident your objects will stay safe even during harsher scenarios like interstate shipping.

You may also know that shrink wrap will effectively defend your items from dirt, pests, dust, and moisture that might otherwise damage your merchandise. It can stop harm from inclement weather as well. But even sunny days can pose a threat to your items if you keep them outside.

Sunlight contains UV rays, which you might recognize can hurt your skin and your eyes. But over time, UV rays can break down the chemicals that create color in your objects. This can make them look faded as a result.

Shrink wrap can filter out these harmful rays. Then your objects will not experience this damage and see that bleached appearance. They can retain their aesthetic appeal and therefore endure longer with this extra protection that shrink wrap can provide.

This makes shrink wrap an ideal option for storing merchandise as well as protecting precious objects, including those of historic significance. And if you use shrink wrap to protect a work site or designated area, the employees working inside these spaces can appreciate the safer conditions with this protection.

Control Temperatures

Shrink wrap creates a strong, tight shield over your space or your items. This provides a unique opportunity to control the temperature within this coverage. For instance, when you use shrink wrap to cover a specific area, you can use fans and other devices to keep the space cool. The seal ensures cool air does not escape and heat does not enter. Then you can count on a more comfortable site for your employees.

Shrink wrap requires heating the plastic as part of the installation process. But after this, you do not have to worry about maintenance for the shrink wrap. Discuss the effect of heat on shrink wrap in conjunction with your items and your intended usage with a shrink-wrap expert.

A professional can install the shrink wrap with care so that you can trust the object will have optimal protection. They will let you know the best type of shrink wrap to use for your unique project too based on your goals. Reach an expert team online or by phone at 410.376.7052.