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Can You Repair Damaged Shrink Wrap?

Known for its durability, shrink wrap made from polyethylene plastic makes for an ideal choice in material to cover items you wish to preserve and protect. The plastic can withstand harsh conditions without tearing. This way, you can ensure your objects will stay safe and in mint condition during transport or while in storage.

However, accidents can happen to the best of us, and under extreme conditions, shrink wrap could form a hole or rip. If this occurs, you can still keep your items safe by fixing the damaged part of the shrink wrap.

To ensure maximum protection, you will want to complete this damage control properly. So read on to learn how you can repair damaged shrink wrap and how to prevent tears in this material in the first place.

Can You Repair Damaged Shrink Wrap

Fixing Torn Shrink Wrap

When installed, shrink wrap covers the entirety of the object or area and seals into place, making the resulting enclosure airtight. This keeps the interior sanitary and safe while ensuring external threats remain outside of the seal. This way, you can preserve an item in various conditions without worrying it will sustain harm.

But an accidental tear in the plastic could break the seal. And this can allow contaminants to enter under the material and reach your item. You will want to restore the state of the shrink wrap in order to maximize its protection for your object.

For a very small hole, you can use designated shrink-wrapping tape to cover the tear and re-establish the seal. Though you might feel tempted to try ordinary tape for this task, it will not offer the same level of thorough and secure protection that special shrink-wrapping tape will provide.

Larger tears in shrink wrap can still be repaired as well. Use another sheet of shrink wrap and place it over the hole. Then seal it into place with the shrink-wrapping tape.

If you have questions about how to fix your damaged shrink wrap, do not hesitate to contact a professional. They can also let you know if you would be better off replacing the shrink wrap coverage.

Preventing Damage to Your Shrink Wrap

Accidents might happen out of nowhere without your control. But you can reduce the risk of damaging your shrink wrap by taking proper precautions. Shrink wrap can resist many external threats. But you should follow protocols when it comes to safely transporting or storing merchandise to ensure it has the best chance to stay intact.

You can also get the most out of your shrink-wrap coverage when it is properly installed. So you should hire a professional company to apply the shrink wrap to the items in question.

They will evaluate the task and possess the training and equipment to use the right type of shrink wrap for the job. And they know how to install the product without hurting the underlying object too. Get an estimate at no cost to you for your planned shrink-wrapping task by calling expert shrink-wrappers today.