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Your Shrink Wrap Thickness Options

Looking to protect a small or large item for your commercial or municipal industry? Shrink wrap coverage can shield your equipment or merchandise, no matter the size or the purpose of your project.

Consult with a shrink-wrapping expert for trustworthy and thorough application as well as advice about the best type of shrink wrap for your job. For instance, they can offer varying levels of thickness in the material depending on your needs. Read on to learn more about how the thickness of shrink wrap can impact your project as well as the different options to consider.

Your Shrink Wrap Thickness Options

Thin Shrink Wrapping

If you have a smaller shrink-wrapping project plan, you might want to choose a thinner type of shrink wrap. This can range from 6 to 7 mil in thickness. You might notice this is thicker than the commercial shrink wrap you might be familiar with over cases of water or canned foods, which amounts to about 2 mil.

This industrial level of shrink wrap works when you intend to cover smaller pieces of equipment. It especially suits those who intend to store the items rather than move them. The layer of polyethylene plastic will stop dust and debris from damaging the item as you keep it in place until you need it. Ask a shrink-wrap expert if this option will suit your item if you need to store it indoors or outdoors.

Medium Thickness Shrink Wrap

A medium thickness for industrial shrink wrap would range from 8 mil to about 10 mil. You can use this type of shrink wrap for most items, no matter their shape, even if irregular. This will work for storage purposes as well as transport.

This effective level of protection can suit many conditions within storage facilities along with shielding against hazards related to shipping and transportation. Discuss your goals related to coverage with your local shrink-wrapping company to find the right type of shrink wrap for your unique project.

Thick Shrink Wrap Options

The upper range when it comes to thickness in shrink wrap is about 12 mil. This thorough level of coverage is usually selected to protect designated spaces. Whether you intend to siphon a construction site or preserve a historic area, this thick type of shrink wrap can keep the space safe. It also covers scaffolding very effectively.

The airtight seal that comes with shrink wrap allows you to control the temperature within the enclosed space too. So you can ensure safety and comfort for construction workers and others in the area. This will prevent delays in your project as well since it will remain safe from weather-related disruptions.

The thickest layer of shrink wrap will also be flame retardant. This means that the material will slow down and prevent the spread of fire if it reaches the plastic. This will reduce the chances of fire damage to the covered area or items. It is a handy feature if you know the item might be exposed to open flames or high heat.