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Could Your Commercial Property Use Shrink Wrap?

When it comes to your place of business, the equipment and merchandise on hand at your location are vital to your enterprise. Though you invest in items that will last, you also should take precautions when it comes to protecting them on a long-term basis.

Whether you need to store equipment for an indeterminate amount of time or transport materials to a new space, you should take preventative measures to avoid damaging them in these processes. A great way to do this is by using durable coverage like shrink wrap.

You may wonder which materials on your property could qualify for this type of protective covering. Read on to find some examples of items within your commercial establishment that could benefit from shrink-wrapping services.

shrink wrapping services for commercial customers

Which Commercial Items Could Be Shrink Wrapped?


Do you have chairs, desks, tables, or other furniture not in use at your commercial property? In storage, even indoors, your furniture could be at risk of dust, insects, or other pollutants. Then when you want to use it, you might need professional cleaning services to get rid of this dirt and grime.

Save money on these services by covering these items with a material you can trust. The polyethylene plastic of shrink wrap creates a durable barrier between your furniture and external threats. Then your items can remain in pristine condition thanks to an airtight seal with shrink wrap. And you can utilize your furniture whenever you need it without worry.


Some equipment you use in your business can be expensive and intricate. If these items sustain damage, your enterprise could be in jeopardy as you seek repairs for this machinery.

If you need to move your commercial equipment, consider using a protective cover like shrink wrap. This way if an accident occurs during the transport of these items, the layer of shrink wrap can prevent damage. The extra shielding will also deter thieves or pests that could harm or steal your items.

Construction Equipment

Is your commercial property under construction or renovation? You might have special equipment in or near your building for this type of project. You may also want to take precautions to ensure these items remain intact and safe throughout this construction project.

Shrink wrap can seal and protect the entirety of an item, even if irregularly shaped. Then you can keep the item safe from contaminants or debris that may cause damage to the equipment. It can also prevent weather conditions or other workplace hazards from harming it too.

Water Pumps

Establishments like restaurants, hospitals, municipal locations, and other commercial venues may rely on a water pump to keep necessary liquids flowing through the property. Without this specialized plumbing tool, you might see a halt in your business that could cost you serious money.

Proper coverage for your water pump, especially during the winter months, can keep this equipment functioning for longer. Whether kept outdoors or inside, shrink wrap can provide this necessary shield to ensure it remains safe from external threats, including vandals.